since you asked…

The last whistle stop on my excellent adventure was New York.

Second time I’ve been there luckily, because this was a really bizarre less than 24 hours.

The taxi ride from La Guardia to my sister’s apartment took years, allow a bit longer than google tells you. An accident here, a breakdown there, and the city grid was locked… Forty floors up, intense storm and gotham city like skyline. Lying on the couch with torn leg muscles and a cup of tea, rusty hot water from a forgotten kettle.

New York makes me edgy. And that’s quite apart from the anxiety that latched on and travels with me this life. I’ve been places where ‘they’ speak a language I’ve never learnt. Even places where they speak an English I don’t recognise. That’s not the issue. I can’t explain it – it’s an edgy city to me.

Next day after breakfast, I got another taxi to another airport. Two taxis and a sleepless night 40 floors up and I left the little one with my sibling, and flew the long way home.

I do hope to go back one day. And either work out the feeling, or dispel it ;-)

What was the last city you travelled to, and how did it make you feel?

addicted to a sea view – or, last day at the beach house

I imagine I see whales spouting and breaching all the time now, but it’s just the wild wild sea. Murky green after this morning’s steel dark grey.

It’s going that way. Later it might come back the other way. All the smallest creatures under the surface have no say in their destiny – pulled in the direction of the wind. I know our own human lives are predetermined by karma but we have free will to change direction. I think some sea life doesn’t have the strength to go any way, other than as the tide takes them. Go with the flow – mentally liberating?

Where are the whales when they aren’t breaching? When playtime is over what do they do? Did they know it was the weekend, were they showing off for the audience, does our awe give them pleasure? How do we affect them as they wow us?

The sea holds such a fascination. I want to know what’s going on in the depths, but I don’t want to go there…

I hope the big wind comes soon. Two a.m. is a scary time for the howling to begin.

animals as therapy

I am so grateful that there isn’t a tree somewhere that I feel compelled to tie a teddy to. I drove past one today. I drove that colonial bush track to the beach. Escaping my house, my life again, just for a few days. My road to bliss is someone else’s slippery slope to hell.

So I did give pause to think about them, child and grieving parent, but in my own world I’m seeing smiles. Two long, weekend days in the office behind me – two fifths of a course done, and feeling blessed to have met and spent time with the participants. A wealth of Buddhist knowledge floating in the air as I work.

And more joy? I saw an echnida as I started the track! That was a first. Safely navigated the crossing at speed, I’m not sure why I assumed they moved slower than that.  Then, I had just arrived at the beach when the young ones called out ‘WHALES’. Second time in my life, second time in two weeks, whales off the balcony. Whale playtime! One behind another mother and child breached over and over and over. An olympic butterfly race from one headland to the other and I had the best seat in the stands. Magic.

ready, set, write – what’s your story?

The Daily Post : Free Writing

Men. That’s what I’m thinking about – why don’t I have one, where can I find one.

I’ve been single for so long, I so rarely meet anyone new, I have absolutely no idea how to have a relationship.

This past weekend was one love fuelled few days. Surrounded by happiness, friends wishing them well. So much joy. Jaws aching from smiling. And then nothing. The flatness that descended with the night. A big fat reminder of alone. The empty marquee. All the fun and noise sucked out of the garden as the caterers whisked away the plates, first chairs, then tables, then speakers carried back up the driveway.

Ah but what a festival it was. And yes, I want that too. Not a wedding! but the loved up feeling for sure. For me.

So…exactly how am I going to achieve that? Of course I don’t know or I’d have managed it long ago.

Three of us were talking at work today. One has just started a new relationship and she radiates peaceful happiness. The other is originally from South America and she says that in her culture, in her home town, it’s not acceptable to just ignore the fact that someone is single. The community will go out of its way to match you with someone and it Will happen! She has found, since moving to Oz, that it never happens here. Your happily ever after paired friends will not think to introduce you to their single friends – and isn’t it embarrassing to ask? I think it is… but here, I’ll lay it out there.

Do you have single friends? Don’t even bother asking them if they’d like to meet someone. Don’t set them up on blind dates – you can’t always be sure who’s going to be a good match for who. How about asking them round for a meal though. With options. Ask a few single people at a time I mean not just one woman, one man. No obvious set ups. Wouldn’t it feel great, not just seeing your friends happy, knowing you’d gone some way towards making it happen? I can tell you I would have loved it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes :-)

Ah well – almost 400 words of what’s on my mind. I can go back to my quiet dreams now. Wonder what he’s up to right now?

blurred timeline

I wish I could write you an accent. Wait, let me try…

I could see her coming, out her door, as I was parking.  She was doing that afternoon thing of farewelling her son.

‘Annnnie’ she swooped and folded me in. ‘WHAT could you doooo? What could you DOOOO?’  Tears I must have been saving for days… ‘She’s in hevun now, she’s in hevun’.

She limped her arthritic joints back into her house.  My afternoon took a decidedly darker turn – grief rears its’ ugly head in unexpected moments, doesn’t it.

The smell of her perfume? makeup? soap or face cream? or just her Malteseness, stayed with me for hours, her crush replayed with each waft, and accompanied by fresh tears.

First sighting of the neighbours post bereavement – check. It should get easier…