chatting over coffee


I’m going to have coffee with my friend, and former co-worker tomorrow morning and we’ll talk about our weeks. I know her partner is overseas, and her work is currently full on as they gear up to their annual conference.

My week has also been busy and quite different to any I’ve had in a while. Surprising highs, a ridiculous mishap, and a nasty little government missive in the mailbox.

I’ve had my first two sessions of volunteering for an organisation that supports teens affected by cancer, and loved it. The work is very much mind in neutral and repetitive. I used to have a big title and my days were unpredictable with intense situations. Is it any wonder I’m enjoying this? The environment is so lovely too! both physically and spiritually. An old old building with many of its’ original features celebrated, yet modernised to be so functional. And the culture and people – it’s just so comfortable and welcoming. Given the work they do you’d hope so, right?

I saw my old nutrionist and told her I was struggling. Often hungry. She made some suggestions around my breakfasts and lunches, and yay I’m enjoying food choices again And have lost weight this week.

Everyone has been unwell again. Not massively, but flu season, and having a young child/grandchild is exhausting and so the parents took some time off this week. Babysitting cancelled but some visits to play – just fun 🙂

In the middle of the week, after several months of drought I suddenly had two phone calls in a row, setting up interviews! Same day I received notice I’m summoned for Jury duty again…

Yesterday I went for one of the interviews. It was obvious very early on, to them and me, that I wasn’t right for the job but the conversation was good, and I left happy. Late evening I mangled my thumb – mashed it between a wrought iron gate and a large, moving dog’s lead. Hard to explain how or why that happened! OR the level of pain… barely slept last night.

And this week the wind has been everywhere! I’m just telling you that – she knows. We cancelled our original plan of seeing the sculptures at Barangaroo for a sheltered coffee and a muffin.

Has your week played out as expected?



give hope to refugees – world refugee day 2017


I was waiting for a take away cappuccino. The cafe is on the water, the view is ridiculous. I had a little lemon polenta cake in an environmentally friendly cardboard box in one hand and my iPhone in the other.

I could tell the man next to me wanted to talk. ‘A homeless person could run in here, grab two of those meals (off the pass) and have a bloody good feed’. We’re a long way from any homeless people here…

‘I was in the city the other day, there’s so many homeless and we should be helping our own, stop this refugee nonsense with all the terrorism going on’ (um…we’ve been fairly insulated from terrorist acts so far, down under. and yes it’s the day after world refugee day – way to give hope to refugees!)

me: ‘How do you tell genuine refugees from terrorists? They need our help just as much as our own homeless.’

‘No, we just need to stop letting anyone in.’

me: (nice!) ‘Well…have you seen the images of what they’re escaping in Syria for example? We’re so lucky here, we have to help!’

coffee ready, conversation over, photograph view on way out…

still swirling in my head – you saw so many homeless, we should help our own first, and so what are you doing to help? did you speak to any, did you give them a bottle of water, a piece of fruit, did you ask if they have family somewhere, or a place in a shelter to sleep in that night?

a group of women meet at my house regularly and for 3 years now we’ve been knitting scarves and beanies which we pass on to local homelessness support organisations, and shelters…when I’m tucked up in bed on these cold winter nights I hope we’ve helped just a little xx

memories waiting


Do you remember where you were when you heard JFK was shot? A line on a tv show that’s rhubarbing in the background…but a line I’ve often heard in social settings.

Before my time but instantly I remember where I was when I heard Robin Williams was dead. I was in a Starbucks on Newbury Street. The little one was in line and I was using the wifi and checking facebook while I sat near the window. When something big happens you can’t avoid it on fb. Not something I wanted to know, let alone sitting there, a world away from my comfort zone.

The little one’s new apartment was literally across the road. What I don’t remember is whether we already knew that – were we there to look at it, to meet one of the guys? Or were we just randomly on Newbury Street and she wanted something with caffeine… She was in that Starbucks so many times over the two years that she doesn’t remember that particular visit anyway. It was my first and only time but I wonder if I’d remember if not for the image of my screen and my disbelief.

Who knew I’d ever go to Boston. And then in two years I went twice. There are bits of Boston that I know now! I doubt I’ll ever get back there but I have to remember, when darkness is sliding down the sky and blanketing me, that I didn’t ever have the faintest clue I’d see Boston in this lifetime…so who knows what’s next. It’s not over yet.

I wish we were having coffee…


unnamed(this coffee from an earlier, healthy time)

If we were having coffee, and I wish we were, I would tell you that I’m still getting over pneumonia. Maybe you know what that’s like?

Being ill reminded me of how well I’ve been for a long time! Even though I feel achey and old I have been really well compared to this.

I would tell you what wonderful nurses both of the cats have been, little hot water bottles on my feet as I blend in to the couch. They’re missing the big kids too and are unsure of this new world order.

If we were having coffee today I would share with you how much I have to get done before she who rules the world arrives and casts disdainful eyes over the abode, wipes fingers along surfaces and tuts. I don’t have the strength to get started. Mother would have said it’s psychological – I often get sick before the great sibling’s arrival.

I have a light week and I hope I can get back to normal activities.

What would you tell me? What’s going on with you, what are your stories?

(inspired by Write On)

de-cluttering of sorts

The little one, who has impressive counselling qualifications, did a workshop on what comes next with me. This involved taping flash cards to the big glass doors between the kitchen and the world, and then spending a minute or two thinking about the word written on each. Ideas waterfalled under those first cards…but you’re left very tired and with more questions. It’s not meant to sort things out straight away.

We did this because ‘I feel you’re a bit lost at the moment’…

Aren’t we all? And aren’t we always?

I’d like to stop this post there. But I’d also like to tell you that I’m spending today decluttering my inbox, while listening to the two-up game being called at the pub a couple of blocks from here. The ringkeeper is loud…without even going to look I can see the crowd spilling out on to the surrounding streets from every doorway. Anzac Day – we pray at memorials at dawn, watch marches on tv all day until the football comes on, and/or we get drunk. And we remember them. Lest we forget.

24hr blood pressure monitor

Have you had the pressure of your blood tested over and over, over a 24hr period? And do you have white coat syndrome / phobia about said bp readings?

Welcome to my recent world. My doctor decided that, given the readings she takes are always high, a 24hr test would give her a clearer picture. That I’d ‘forget it was on’. Um…beep beep, buzzzz, no you can’t ignore that. And if your arm is out of position, or the arrow on the ‘I’ll get the large cuff’ isn’t pointing at the vein inside your elbow then you’ll get the double beep, and double inflation.

The technician who fitted it could use a class in wait, filter your words before they are spoken, if you ask me… (Example above – on seeing me enter the room, and after getting the ‘large cuff’ then ‘I’ll adjust the halter, I had a smaller woman before you’. Thanks, witch.) She also managed to share, in the short time it took to hook me up, that if having my bp taken made me nervous I should be medicated for anxiety. Hello? White coat syndrome is a thriving industry – I googled it! And as I headed home ‘good luck, hope it doesn’t hurt too much’!

Anyway, it’s done now. I tossed and beeped and turned and buzzed all night and I even slept through it twice. I don’t actually care about the results. I hope the doctor is happy.


Oh, tune in next week for go ahead, take as much of my blood as you can get away with and leave me standing…