where do you see yourself in ten years – saturday writing prompt

Thanks Debbie for this idea – your post got me thinking. Two concepts we’re taught to embrace in Buddhism are change and impermanence. And it’s fascinating, to me, to think about karma – cause and effect – where might it all lead? Of course another thing we’re always talking about is mindfulness. Live in this moment – the past is gone, the future will be what it is.

I can share my dreams, my hopes, how I think I would like life to be in ten years but I have no idea what will happen in that time, along the way, that may completely change the direction of even my dreams let alone my life. I could never have predicted some of the huge changes in the last ten years that’s for sure!

Anyway, let’s consider that I am still alive and that life goes like this…..

I expect that my mother will no longer need my care and I hope I am ready, when that time comes, to leave my job and move…

I will be living out of the city either on a small farm near a smallish community, or in a small coastal town. There must be dharma nearby or is my farm suitable as a retreat centre for a city group? It would be wonderful if my last great love and I have found each other and are living together, quite content.  Of course I hope that all my children are healthy and happy – I imagine two at least will be living with their partners and I may have maybe three grandchildren by then!

And my greatest wish is that my son will be relaxed around us all again xxx




8 thoughts on “where do you see yourself in ten years – saturday writing prompt

  1. Hopes and dreams…what a great realm to explore! I’m sorry your son isn’t sharing his life with you now…perhaps in 10 years he will.

  2. Very nice reminder that life will be what it will be. I have long held great affection towards the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken with the image of that divergent path appearing before me often in my life. I stop, I contemplate the left or the right but in the end I know no matter which one I choose, I will end up where I was supposed to be anyway.

  3. silverlining09

    10 years from now, my twin daughters are already graduates with flying colors!!! 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed this post. Very well said.

  5. […] I read something today that projected 10 years into the future. Right now I have sheets on the bed that are 11 years old; they’re a tactile delight. I can’t recall if I had any notion of my future 11 years ago. I remember that the sheets were costly but I knew they’d last a long time so I wasn’t dismayed by the expense. They were something we needed, rather than something I wanted.  Using the Christian Children’s Fund method of computation those sheets cost about 4¢ a day. […]

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