let’s be honest – multitasking is a nightmare

Mindfulness really has a battle on it’s hands doesn’t it.  First thing when I wake up I want to turn on the laptop which is on my bed, open four web pages – wordpress, facebook, work email, personal email.  When I’m at work in the office it’s only three to start with – the two emails, and work website but during the day I’ll have any number of databases open from my stick, phone calls, drops ins and co-workers standing at the side of my desk asking things I’m surprised I know the answer to.

All of this means that I find it so hard to relax these days.

Does your mind kick in the moment you wake? I’m fascinated to try and pinpoint that actual moment – do you open your eyes first or does your mind just take off? Or rather are you conscious of thought?

This morning, silence hung suspended like a heavy net finally broken by a distant car door closing. It is never silent around here so the absence of noise was like a vice, physical pressure. Then the little cat did one of her crazy runs through the house. You’d swear that animal had brain damage sometimes but if you look her in the eyes you can see she’s actually highly intelligent. Enfant sauvage.

Clearly meditation is not working at the moment – calm down mind..


25 thoughts on “let’s be honest – multitasking is a nightmare

  1. …it takes practice…lots of it…;)

    • ha ha I’ve been practising for years Margarita – just going through a rough patch…

      • That happens, too! I’ve just gone through a long period where nothing seemed to be coming through: could not “hear” any guidance. Finally, messages are beginning to be tuned in again. Kind of like having a lot of static on that inner communication link! Know you’re not alone in hangin’ in there…

  2. ahh the joys of the 1st world where relaxing is a far-away concept or perhaps has now been granted myth status… 😉

  3. squirrel circus

    I question that moment in the morning, too….like this week; my allergies have been awful, but there seems to be a moment of grace before my mind realizes that I’m awake….before the sneezing starts. Totally random, I know, but it was exactly what this post reminded me of. 😉

  4. It’s very rewarding to concentrate on what you’re doing… and also to take breaks throughout the day, just to be… without doing. Cats are very playful… and sometimes they do look a little crazy… but you’ll notice that they take a lot of cat naps.

  5. Karma Rinchen Tashi

    Interesting stuff. Mostly when I wake up my mind is switched on big time. Most days I sit up in bed with a coffee and say the Refuge & Bodicitta prayer in my head and rest for a minute or so. Then I reach for the iPad and just like you it’s WordPress, Facebook, personal email and work email; and off goes my mind…….

  6. I also have it bad, because I use my iPhone as the alarm. (It vibrates, next to my pillow!) If I don’t be careful, the first thing I do is go to emails, even though they are not that important. I’ve meant to get in the habit of tossing my iPhone out of arms’ reach, but that hasn’t happened yet.

    Sometimes, though, I do just wake up and lay there for fifteen minutes thinking. Since you usually have sounds, even though they’re not peaceful, maybe you could just listen to them for a few minutes? Be mindful of them?

  7. Oh, yeah, we’re in totally opposite time zones. Good night!

  8. I like your blog…when we listen to our bodies we nap like the cats do.. 😀

  9. foroneplease

    When meditations don’t work, long walks do..anywhere close to nature, just being in a park or by the sea, has always helped me. And yes..”this too shall pass” 🙂 hugz!

  10. If it’s not bad enough (waking up to two laptops, two phones, a television, two large dogs who need to get out) I’m going on holidays soon – so what do I do? Buy myself an iPhone in case I can’t access the web where I am! (I’m secretly loving the stupid, though) 🙂

  11. Hah! I don’t do multitasking well at all. And I keep vowing to keep my laptop out of my bedroom, but here I am–6 a.m. in the U.S., not out of bed yet, surfing the internet–glad I came across your blog!

  12. Several years ago I gave up on multitasking, works great for computers, and maybe the younger generation. I take what i call the Hurried Buddhist approach; I concentrate on one thing, make a decision, implement, move to next item, serial tasking for the “I have too much work types”. 🙂

    • hmm alot of the time I am heard to say ‘I have too much work’ – I will try to be mindful and concentrate on one thing at a time and it’s certainly less stressful..at times though I’ll have several requests for my time at the same time. just have to do the best I can

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