sleepless in sydney


Sleep eludes me. Just another past midnight in the clutter room eyes wide open. Laptop humming, tv rhubarbing. English cop show backdrop.

Chitter chatter from back bedroom. Youngest and boyfriend sharing their days talk. His day since she’s confined to home, eating meat, restoring the blood.

Downstairs the tap and shuffle of mother 90 taking herself to pee barely ten steps from her bed with stick.

Four people two cats no sleeping going on.

And the missing ones? Two in America on ‘the’ roadtrip. Somewhere in southern California.  Driving into Vegas at sunset? Not yet half way through their most excellent holiday.

And one little boy lost. Silently screaming his disapproval of mother. I hope he’s alive. I hope he’s well.

May they all be guided, protected and blessed by the triple gem.



18 thoughts on “sleepless in sydney

  1. so annoying the ‘likes’ without views…why?

  2. The next day is the kicker. Sand in the eyes and sawdust in the head.

  3. Hope the young ones are safe and having a great time. Get some rest 🙂

  4. may they be blessed

  5. Annie, your writing places me there. You evoke such emotion in these passages. It’s a great gift that you share with us.


  6. Very poignant! You say a lot with few words. Like poetry.

  7. may everyone be guided in this life…great post.

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