spring must be close


The smell of jasmine is intoxicating isn’t it?!

Instantly evokes childhood, safety, summer, happiness, innocence…

At the end of a long work day, as soon as I leave the building, I smell jasmine.

Good work days lately, a lightness about me (the rude work man resigned..) but always long and it’s lovely to end the day with a smile – the scent becoming headier the closer I get until just before I reach the car I’m inhaling it. A wonderful gift to the whole neighbourhood from whoever lives in that house.

taken a few weeks ago – before the flowers began to bloom






4 thoughts on “spring must be close

  1. Yes, I love the smell too. The presence of the flower is a gift to the whole environment.

  2. Yes, I love the smell- and the look- of the jasmine.

    But I love more the way that you can experience it as a great gift. With that kind of openness and presence, you can ride through all the rudeness thrown your way.

    Lovely post.


  3. they say smells evoke our earliest memories and the comforting ones make us joyful…

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