God and the Buddha – both were involved

fancy church

This little Buddhist spent two days in a row in Anglican churches. Sang two hymns both days and listened to various bible readings. In fact one of the readings was read both days – once at a funeral, once at a wedding. Love everywhere in sandstone and stained glass settings.

The funeral was perfect. Sunshine, tiny church by the sea, her family and closest friends. We held each other, cried, laughed, smiled, and remembered.  And as the coffin reached me, as you left us, I placed jasmine and daisies to go with you.

Afterwards we drank french champagne in your garden. Lots of chit chat. Some ate, others cleaned. It just felt wrong being there without you.

Saturday, a wedding. I can’t even remember how long since I’ve been to one. A much bigger church, fancy, fancy. A challenge walking up the hill in those shoes especially second day in! My daughter the bridesmaid astonishingly beautiful.  The service solemn, dull and droning. The funeral much more cheerful and positive! The highlight of the wedding this song sung by a professional.

Sunday I woke at noon – shattered physically, exhausted emotionally. Feet and hips screaming, head hurts from crying. A public farewell this week, and once the memorial is done a mad dash to catch up on work neglected. And then me neglected – plans to make, to live.


8 thoughts on “God and the Buddha – both were involved

  1. Dear Annie, take care of you first…then there’s someone to stop neglecting the work! xoM

  2. What a weekend you had!

    Time to take some moments for yourself to recharge 🙂

  3. Your name is Annie? My eldest is named Annie! I’m so sorry for your loss and the void you have been sharing with us. Take care of yourself the next month could be very difficult. xoxox

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