dared! but I’m not that interesting…


I was reading sheenaeastonwannabe’s post , got to the end and found I’m on it!

So just for you 🙂

Should that be ten things about myself no one on here really knows? Or NO ONE really knows..hmmm

1.  I don’t talk much and even writing about myself is hard work! Though I have probably shared quite alot through posts…

2.  I love friday nights on the couch watching football.

3.  I’ve always wanted to live in the country.

4.  I’m the sort of person who can play saxophone and ride a motorbike…but I can’t do either 🙂

5.  I’m a disaster at housework and personal paperwork though my job is in admin ha ha ha.

6.  I spend way too much time on my internet addiction with multiple pages open. Mindfulness where are you?

7.  I go to a dharma group a couple of times a week ; I try to be quiet about it but Buddhism is majorly important in my life and even my work revolves around it..

8.  I’m an aussie..across the sea from most of you.

9.  I spent some time in Japan as an exchange student when I was fresh out of school.

10. As the title says – I’m not that interesting 🙂 but that is WAY more sharing than I’m usually comfortable with !! oh…I met His Holiness the Dalai Lama last year – how blessed am I 🙂

(and postscript – I really do smile alot and use smilies to let you know)



12 thoughts on “dared! but I’m not that interesting…

  1. So nice to know more about you! 🙂 <—- I smile a lot, too.

  2. Thank you for sharing….I find it difficult too! Julia

  3. sheenaeastonwannabe

    WOW! Thanks for sharing. It was a lovely list and now I know:-)

  4. I think that most people are not that interesting, but if we start caring for them, they become very interesting. Our interest is based on a desire to understand them. The things you say about yourself help to understand who you are… and I appreciate that. How nice that you smile a lot.

  5. Yes you are! I love your blog and your smile faces 🙂

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