my letter to a dear friend


Dear one

I wish I could talk to you, hear your voice, your laugh, your reply but our conversations will now be one sided..sometimes I believe I will get a message or maybe I will just imagine your response. I know you well enough for that and am so grateful for the time we had together and for being numbered among your closest friends – chums as you called us.

Today we held a public thanksgiving for your life – a memorial. Your smiling face from a huge screen in front of us and in front of you a table where we each placed a flower. I can’t even estimate how many were there but the room was full and many more standing at the back.

My son came, Ali.

Thank you. Last night I prayed that you could begin the process of bringing us back together. And he came. He bought you a flower and sat with me. We didn’t talk much but it was such a good day.

Let my enduring gift to you be all the times we spent meditating and talking of death calmly – the peace of a Buddhist approach. And yours to me the time spent today in ease ย with my son. I dream of reuniting but I’ll take the baby steps..

I will miss you so much dearest friend and sometimes I wonder how we chums will bear it, but with the private farewell and now public ceremony done I need to try to put away the tears.



25 thoughts on “my letter to a dear friend

  1. May there be well being, friend.

  2. Well you got my tears going. Your friend isn’t truly gone. My parents have been dead for years and they visit me and I am always filled with joy. Peace to you.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a good friend. I agree with the others here, your friend is always with you. xo

  4. Your son came. What a gift! xoM

  5. What a beautiful tribute…

  6. Beautiful and so moving… Julia

  7. I am so sorry for your loss.

  8. Your son and you–the first steps. Wonderful.

  9. I am sorry..beautifully written

  10. There is great peace and calm that emanates from your beautiful letter – May all beings live in peace!

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