relaxation methods – no. 1


relaxation methods – the shower

The morning shower can be relaxo time. I stretch my arms right up, palms to the sky, and still don’t reach the rose. Is your shower that high?  The pressure is perfect, the warmth wonderful and the water streams cover even a fatty boomba like me.

When I was young, before the days of water conservation and local council regulations, our shower head was as big as a dinner plate. I seem to remember hearing that my father had had it specially made. He was a big man, so a piddly little rose would have meant long, unsatisfying showers. To little me, the childhood shower was like standing in the rain, a great watery hug.

Back to today’s shower. Turn side on, right hand on left shoulder and watch the lake form in the crook of your elbow..the waterfalls flowing over various body bumps, some gentle, others a gush.

I find it very relaxing, don’t know about you. Are you thinking ‘what the’? Do you dream in the shower, or just soap and go?



11 thoughts on “relaxation methods – no. 1

  1. When we moved into the place we are living now it had a piddly little shower rose. Hubby went out and bought a huge one 😀 I love it!

    Because it’s been so cold here in the mornings I’ve been staying the shower longer (to warm up) but I love doing my stretches in there. I also visualise the water going through the inside of my body and washing away all the toxins (that’s a bit weird, I know!)


  2. I didn’t know you could still buy them – show’s how observant I am!!

    Nothing weird about your visualisation to me, ahem who imagines waterways in various incarnations ha ha ha 🙂

  3. I do my best thinking in the shower-not sure how relaxing that always is but I always find answers there 🙂

  4. Showers are just get it done for me. I do stretches and stances during sports on TV. Maybe the athletes remind me about how lazy I’ve gotten.

  5. Bathroom can be a most relaxing place, you can be yourself no one watching you, yes i cry , laugh think, sing do everything there. Lovely post.

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