inner city dilemmas


I’ve been cleaning for days, sister arrives Friday, mother is 90 Saturday, party on Sunday. Between now and then I have two long days in the office and more more more cleaning to do.

Youngest saw the neighbour girl’s status on facebook, house broken into today, an hour ago and then promptly fell asleep. Passing on the worry her snores came easily. I’m now wide awake, that’s fine, I’ll just wait for the robber shall I?

The joys of living in the inner city – we live in a terrace, so we’re literally attached to our neighbours house. The girls are facebook ‘friends’ but haven’t spoken, barely seen each other in the flesh, in years. Even on facebook the friendship extends to seeing the other’s status – not commenting on it. So I’m low on detail regarding the crime and high on anxiety.

Add that to the ‘reasons I want to move out of the city’ pile…



21 thoughts on “inner city dilemmas

  1. Do you have any kind of alarm system? Good locks?

    Have never lived in a real “city”. On the outskirts of Detroit now, but it’s just us old people in the neighborhood.

    You take care.

    • No, and yes and no..
      Really need to sleep so I’m going to now anyway but will try and sort out better security so we can relax til time comes we can move. Night TW thanks for caring.

  2. We have a super cheap, not-monitored alarm system. It just uses four motion detectors, at different points in the house, near entrances and windows on the first floor. If it detects something, a receiver sets off a loud alarm sound. Under $200, if I remember correctly. We only put it on after we are all in bed — on the theory that it would startle the heck out of an intruder AND give us a heads up. Just an idea. Take care!

  3. Yikes – scary stuff!

  4. Sorry to hear of your anxiety. Don’t clean too much. A lick and a promise is usually good enough – even for company. Try not to add more stress, and enjoy your weekend with family. Take care.

  5. My mum is coming on the 30th of October, and she’s not even staying with us (which I interpret probably incorrectly, but then….. ) as her thinking my house is to messy to stay in…. And I’m stressing about the cleaning already!

  6. PS still totally in love with your beautifully coloured birds!

  7. I know what it’s like living inner city. I’m moving to the counrty next year – can’t wait!

    I really hope you’re okay. We’ve got cameras at our place and they’re excellent πŸ™‚ If you catch someone on it just send it off to the police (and smear their faces all over the media!)

    • I’m envious Dianne – I really want to move, and hope to in a couple of years but have been hoping a long time. Plus I haven’t made up my mind where to!! You may not want to say out here in the open but I’d love to know to and from where?

      We’re ok but not totally relaxed. Cameras are something to look into! And I’ve had some other great suggestions…

      • No problems in saying to and from where. At the moment we live in Canberra and we’re moving to Cairns πŸ˜€

        We’re really close to the city here. Tonight I had to go to my sister’s birthday party which is only a block away and when I went out the front there were two druggy/weirdos swearing and taking swings at each other in the street, so I had to wait for them to finish before I went out. I thought ‘I can’t wait to get back to the country!’ It’s not even a crappy neighbourhood; it’s a really expensive part of town. We got the cameras because a few years back someone jumped the fence, ran into the kitchen and stole my handbag (while I was in the house!) I’ve got two big dogs, but these people don’t seem to care because they want the money that bad.

        Sorry about the rant πŸ˜€

        • That’s quite the move! I’m thinking Byron area but not sure…

          That’s not a rant πŸ™‚ Similar here – inner city but also very expensive. The day the neighbours were broken into there were so many people in the street so it was a very bold strike.

          • They are very bold. There’s no way I would run through a yard with two large dogs for 5 dollars (which was all I had in my purse) – but it was replacing things (like my license and my glasses) that was the hassle (and expense).

            My sister-in-law and her hubby have just moved to Noosa πŸ™‚

          • Huge pain cancelling things and replacing them!

            Noosa eh….

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