relaxation methods – no. 2


relaxation methods – the bath

I have absolutely no strength left. I will be still.

Usually a bath is my go-to relaxation method. Tonight it fell short of the mark – maybe because I am passed the point of finding comfort. I have been standing for almost two days, cleaning and gardening for a week before that.

First, light the candle at the end of the tub. It’s a cliché, but it’s my ritual. Taps on and bubbles in. Leave the water on, slow flow, while in the bath…something very soothing about running water.

Tonight, too lazy to bend and adjust the jerky flow, relaxation eluded me. Even the bubbles gave a half arsed attempt – barely any coverage, one large lump near the right foot. With aching heels and a numb left big toe I soaked as long as I could..but had to admit defeat.

I think the birthday girl had fun though and that was the aim of the day. My feet will forgive me.




8 thoughts on “relaxation methods – no. 2

  1. That’s on my list for this evening as well.

  2. Tough to relax when your world is being turned around. We ARE human, after all, but being human is not so bad.

  3. You’ve convinced me to take a long relaxing bath tonight 😉 Sounds too good to miss…

  4. My favourite way of relaxing 🙂

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