I have questions..


Dear Sage

I have questions, I’m not really counting on answers…just thinking aloud.

When will certain circumstances in my life change, when will I leave the city, will I leave the city, where should I go? Where is ‘home’?

Should I stay at this job?

Will the youngest have this health problem for the rest of her life, or when will this nightmare end for her and for me?

And the little steps with middle one recently…does that even mean anything, will things improve, will things ever be better?

I am beyond wondering why things are the way they are – but when will they change?

Those are my questions for today. I realise they are too abstract, too personal for anyone to answer. And yes, first world problems, I know.

I don’t know if you could answer them Sage, even with background information..

So I will just ask all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to resolve these things for me quickly, quickly.




18 thoughts on “I have questions..

  1. Ah, Annie, things are always changing. In my experience and view, the Universe is way ahead of me in the change department and I’m dawdling getting to the highlights. I get distracted…there’s so much to look at and even more to see. I’m coming around to being patient and loving with myself…simple concept, not easy…seems to be helping! xoxoM

  2. Life is full of questions and it seems when answers come there are a whole set of new questions that come with them!

  3. The questions are many for us all … answers often come when we least expect and in the forms we never ever even thought of.
    Take Care,

  4. I have some of the same questions as you. One is reversed. I wonder when I’ll leave the country and move back to the city. Isn’t it strange how certain landscapes call us, urban, rural. Are we ever satisfied? I hope your daughter gets better.

    • bodhisattvaintraining

      Yes it’s interesting isn’t it…the green grass syndrome 🙂
      Thanks re daughter, Jordan.

  5. This is wonderful, Annie! I love these questions because they are SO similar to the ones I’m asking at the moment 😀

    I would also like all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to answer them for me as well 😉

  6. More answers, more questions and on and on… We all have them. no one is immune. My teacher would say: Go inside, all answers are there. 😉

  7. Dear Annie,
    To everything you want, the answer is yes.
    To everything you don’t want, the answer is no.
    To the other questions, my answer is a question, “What do you want?”
    Love always,

  8. Dear Annie (I have a daughter named Annie, maybe I’ve told you that),
    Worrying about your child is never a first world problem. I am afraid I have gotten lost here and I don’t know what is wrong but I’m sending you good thoughts. Tomorrow is a big day?

    • Hi Maggie
      We’re at the hospital right now – the wonders of technology eh..she’s hooked up to blood and I’m hooked up to the world 🙂
      A few months back she had a transfusion in ER – so awful…still waiting for answers and blood to normalise, she’s having another but in a clinic, much calmer environment. The last two weeks waiting was worse than today – often the way isn’t it…

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