the reblog challenge : past hurts

sheenaeastonwannabe set a lovely challenge of reading back through your posts and reposting one you particularly like for some reason.

I’ve got soooo many posts sheena, got lost in the photos, memories, tears re-reading them. Hard to pick. I admit I like my own poetry 🙂 so here is a post…

past hurts

Posted on 11/07/2012


if I moved away

if I didn’t live here where memories lounge on street corners, leaning against lamp posts and tree trunks, sucking on cigarettes, staring me down with disdain

where past hurts gather in gangs, conversations hush, ready to pull me into dark spots, drag me down alleys to twist the knife

awkward laughter…… hollow eyes

if I didn’t live here would they all fall down?



8 thoughts on “the reblog challenge : past hurts

  1. smile breathe and go slowly

    That last sentence …. Very powerful. Well written!

  2. sheenaeastonwannabe

    I like your poetry too. “Where memories lounge on street corners” -my favorite part of this poem. I think we can all relate. Thanks for accepting the challenge and for reposting something so dear to your heart.

  3. I remember this one. Still like it… more, in fact.

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