I’m sitting up in bed, just before dawn, and by the light of the laptop I can see my reflection in the glass top of the door. I can see my older sister that is, and that’s freaky cos I don’t look like her at all! I’ve looked three times now and yep it’s definitely her. That’s bizarre – she’s ten years older than me, so much skinnier, and has blonde hair to my very dark brown. Is this the future? Noooo

The light of day is hiding just behind the shutters. I don’t want to acknowledge it as I haven’t even closed my eyes yet. Second time this week. It’s worry – about the blood and the tests. More blood in but where is it leaking out again?

A single bird is practising it’s song quietly, gently, not wanting to wake anyone. At what point does it decide the time is right for volume?

Work emails will start rolling in anytime – I won’t bother sleeping last night now.



15 thoughts on “insomnia

  1. Jeez I hate worry, but sometimes it just is. 🙂

  2. Breathe in,
    Breathe out.
    Breathe in,
    Breathe out.
    We love you, Annie.

  3. foroneplease

    hang in there, it’s a matter of time 🙂 hugz!

  4. unfetteredbs

    sending good thoughts….

  5. Happens with me too at times….I plug in the earphones and do guided yog nidra meditation ….works wonders!

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