meditation 101


Please don’t expect that the very first time you meditate you’re going to empty your mind and feel wonderful afterwards. It’s hard work.

At first you might want to relax your body in a comfortable meditation posture, whatever that means to you..choose a place without distractions, close your eyes, concentrate on your breath…breathe in, breathe out..maybe count twenty repetitions of that.

And sometimes it IS wonderful. Other times you just can’t settle but it just is – it’s different every time. However one day, even just briefly, you’ll experience blissful calm, notice you’re smiling, and all is right with your world. And then you can call on that at other times. Anytime, anywhere. That’s why I smile so much.

Instruction varieties are endless. You don’t need instruction. Unless it’s part of your daily practice, and you have a specific style, just breathe. Let your shoulders drop and the corners of your mouth lift.


Daily Prompt : Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all.



13 thoughts on “meditation 101

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  2. Quieting the mind is definitely a task. Good explanation of ‘just keep doing it’ !!

  3. Your post is like meditation–simple, yet powerful. Except meditation often seems a lot longer than your post. 🙂
    I’ve been doing a meditation where I breathe in all the pain in the world, then breathe this pain out to God or the Universe. Then I breathe in all the calmness of God/the Universe and breathe out compassion back to the world.
    Keep on Keepin’ on, Annie.

  4. Yes, one has to get the hang of it. Once we get the hang of it, it gets easier all the time… for a person whose done it a while, it is almost a certainty that it’ll take him where he wants to go… but in the beginning, it’s best to get into it without expectations. The expectation can be a barrier, It can really slow you down on the way to bliss.

    • Almost a certainty…I’ve been at it for years but I still have times that I struggle quietening the mind.

      You’re so right about the expectation – I’ve met many people who give up very quickly because ‘it didn’t work’.

  5. Meditation is just blissful….different experiences each time…it has changed my life beyond words!

  6. Mind too swalia. The sages say that seeking is the same as missing, but they also say that seeking is fueled by desire and it’s desire that gets us into the ballpark. The ballpark is the understanding that there’s more to life and it’s inside of us and available. Getting into the ballpark eventually allows us to get out onto the playing field. The playing field is a daily practice and a daily practice gives us the chance to get into the game, and the game is silence.
    bodhisattvaintraining I like your site!

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