30 days of gratitude

The day I read this post I decided to accept Keith’s challenge; and after the initial horror and anxiety that went with the diagnosis it seemed like such a good idea to intentionally count blessings. So I noted something every day in November that I was grateful for – we don’t do Thanksgiving in Australia so it’s coincidental that I read so many grateful/thankful blogs lately!


1/11 I am grateful for steroids – please strengthen daughter’s bowel.

2/11 Went to work briefly – I am grateful for the day my assistant first walked through the door, her beautiful spirit lights the office.

3/11 My boss called from Thailand to check on us, to encourage us..I am so grateful for having met him.

4/11 My darling son came to visit – the greatest gift of all.

Today 5/11 I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine, the little break outside with big cat – we both enjoyed it. And to Keith for this idea 🙂 it is helping.

6/11 I am grateful that the doctor we met today was so lovely – she’ll be a part of my daughter’s life for a long time to come.

7/11 Today I have so much to be grateful for. The staff at the chemist all so lovely –when someone is really sick the whole world’s kindness wraps around you. My mother’s gardener for quietly and kindly taming the wild escaping tendrils of the front hedge. And my daddy’s old rocking chair – has been my haven at various times of my life (I feel hugged by his love and energy).

8/11 Grateful for those at my work who welcomed my daughter, and for the chaplain who said ‘go home now’; youtube and Dharma talks online – discovering new teachers to listen to.

9/11 Grateful for the amazing food we can get so easily; and the visit from eldest and her partner.

10/11 A lovely walk taking photos with youngest daughter, helpful email from a Buddhist psychologist I know.

11/11 Had a big meltdown in front of daughter and her boyfriend. I’m grateful for the sweetest girl in the world who is dealing with everything so much better than me! And for a new friend across the world who emailed me in the middle of her night with support..you know who you are, yes you unfettered. POSTSCRIPT I am SO grateful for my boss who rang as soon as he returned from an overseas trip to offer me 6 months off instead of accepting my resignation..amazing guy.

12/11 The tiny new ginger cat in the neighbourhood – came to play with daughter today just out the front of our house. Sunshine and lots of it. Photos from sister of her vacation spot. Phone call from an old friend.

hi, who are you?

13/11 Struggling today to be grateful – I guess I can be grateful we live so near a big hospital.

14/11 Petrea King and her cd ‘Healing Meditation’.

15/11 Son unexpectedly calling daughter – wonderful boy.

16/11 Coming home and who’d have ever thought I’d say that!

17/11 The big cat all smoochy.

18/11 Living close enough to the stadium to hear Coldplay loud and clear, free from home.

19/11 I’m grateful for the internet; and my bed.

20/11 A good appointment with a caring, smiling doctor – for daughter.

21/11 Grateful daughter has no side effects to the meds; and seems to be free of food allergies.

22/11 I am grateful for the enforced rest, the time off work.

23/11 A gift of heaps of dvds from eldest daughter; her partner’s advice on back fence/courtyard.

24/11 Apple pie.

25/11 Birds to watch in the small back courtyard.

26/11 For the roster system – time off from caring for mother. And for being able to hit my bed during the day to catch up on the NO sleep last night. Thunder while I snooze and the rain that cools down my world.

27/11 A drive to Bondi and while waiting for a group of lifeguards to cross the road seeing them frantically trying to let a driver know he had his coffee on top of his car. Laughed with a whole community 🙂

28/11 News from one of my Dharma teachers of an initiation coming up next year with a wonderful visiting Tibetan monk.

29/11 Chocolate.

30/11 Youngest’s boyfriend’s family – so gorgeous !

and there you have it – a month of happiness 🙂 , would love to hear what made you happy/grateful today?



23 thoughts on “30 days of gratitude

  1. BRILLIANT! Thank you for sharing your abundance! Julia

  2. unfetteredbs

    you made me happy and grateful today 🙂 I loved this list and this post. Great postive vibes Annie. I’m grateful for our connection

  3. My day is just starting. So far, I’m grateful to have the time to check out the pictures I took recently, to write a post, to read my friends’ posts, to hear my daughter awake, alert, and eager to get going without any prompting on my part, to see my sweet husband got some much-needed rest. AND, the rest of the day is yet to unfold. How does it get better than this? xoxoM

  4. Annie, I am so excited that we share this ritual. I am grateful for the symbiotic relationship I have with someone on the other side of the world. Hugs, Kozo.

  5. Much to be grateful or thankful for, even when the ride gets rough. I see you managed to get chocolate on the list. 😉

  6. I am glad that you found something each day to be grateful for, even is the day was gloomy. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Absolutely fabulous, Annie. You are an inspiration. It is easy to dwell on the things which we agonize over in life; it is much harder to focus on the good things. You’ve done an amazing job. I enjoyed every word of this!

  8. […] 30 days of gratitude (bodhisattvaintraining.wordpress.com) […]

  9. I’m thankful that I saw this post today, no reason other than it makes me smile. I’m grateful today for old friends and loving memories. xoxox

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