haiku heights : storm

haiku heights #198 : storm

I hear them outside

the voices of a thousand

ghosts disguised as wind




47 thoughts on “haiku heights : storm

  1. Perfect haiku – chilling content.

  2. gorgeous — especially if I think about ‘ghosts’ as the spirits of our ancestors and friends who have died.

  3. And what do those voices whisper , I wonder? I really loved the image this brought to my mind!

  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    Clever ghosts, disguising their voices like that!

    Still the Storm

  5. Awww, I love the sense of foreboding in this piece. Wicked cool.

  6. Oh very good x so spooky!

  7. wow! Such apt description! Super..

    Stuck in race of time

  8. I like this, Annie. I’ll be listening to the wind much more closely now! xoxoM

  9. beautiful and haunting

  10. Wow – fantastic words – I love this analogy! πŸ™‚

  11. Beautifully eerie; like whispers on the wind.

  12. unfetteredbs

    Annie- I love your take on the prompt. The ghostly images and voices conjured up in my mind- fantastic!

  13. You could be right:)

  14. very powerful, chilling, super!

  15. I wonder if they FP for haiku, I really like this and I’m not a big haiku kinda gal.

  16. the winds of ghosts called –
    they told of where they had been
    not where they yet went!

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