daily prompt : oasis


daily prompt : oasis

Used to be that my head was my sanctuary and I hope that time can come again. I meditate daily and it only took minutes to bliss out, to smile into peace, to quieten my mind. Anytime anywhere I could call on that – silence not necessary, nothing could intrude.

Then my daughter got sick and my anxiety level exploded.  I could not meditate. Could not stop those ever jumbled and ugly thoughts. With no external noise, in the most beautiful and tranquil setting, the smell of salt, an eyeful of waves..my mind was a nightmare of continuous stories.

The beach house is where I would go to escape the city when I could. Only a couple of times each year – takes an hour driving to get there and a minute after arrival for your shoulders to drop. That was before.

In this inner city terrace my daddy’s old rocking chair hugs me. Rarely used for the most part, since the diagnosis it has become my quiet place of choice. Every day I feel my long gone father’s love and energy as I slowly regain my meditation ease.

May all beings be well and happy.



44 thoughts on “daily prompt : oasis

  1. This is bittersweet – are you okay?

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  4. so good that you have that old rocking chair. Yes, often we are tested at the very thing that we thought was the answer. And some times, as strange as it may sound… it is good to remember that we are all here on a temporary journey. with love to you and your daughter, and the hope that joy will lift you both to a better plane of this life soon…

  5. It’s quite alright to be human. You rock. 🙂

  6. This was beautiful, and a wonderful reminder that we can bring ourselves PEACE…

  7. All the best wishes for you and your daughter ..

  8. send good thoughts and prayers your way! (((hugs)))

  9. In a way, your new sanctuary is more powerful since it contains the loving memory of your father. I am so happy for you, Annie. You have created positive energy in the face of everything that has happened in the last few weeks.{{{Hugs}}} You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for this honest and inspiring post.

  10. unfetteredbs

    May all beings be well and happy— I hope so Annie 🙂

  11. I do sense that you are doing better, Annie. I hope you are finding more days that are peaceful than full of anxiety. Love and hugs to you.

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog and my piece, “Priceless Art”….it has led me back here to you! And what a wonderful gift that is. This is beautifully sweet and tender. Nicely done. My heart to yours. xoJulia

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  14. Really lovely and I’m glad your dad is still taking care of you. xo

  15. Best wishes for you and your daughter.

  16. How are you doing? I hope you and your daughter are holding up… I am keeping you in my prayers and send you {{{HUGS}}}
    If you have a chance, you might want to check out the FOCUS:PEACE meditation post I wrote and the free event. The call ins are short but pithy and powerful meditations. All you need to do is show up by phone and enjoy… Blessings! 🙂

    • Thanks I’ve signed up 🙂 but I’m hoping I can listen on the computer later…it’ll be 4am here when it’s noon there!

      Thank you for keeping us in your prayers Elizabeth. My daughter is getting better; I’m mostly ok though I don’t sleep well (so could be awake at 4 anyway!)..and have moments..

      How are things post Sandy?

      • Glad to hear she’s getting better… 🙂 Yes, once you sign up, they also send you a link to hear the ones you missed and listen to all at your leisure. TY! We are doing fine; just dealing with life’s ups and downs. I don’t sleep well either and use it to do blog related stuff… like endless catch ups. 😆

  17. Powerful post. Holding you in my heart, and your daughter, that whatever the diagnosis is, that the journey traveled is easy and filled with healing. Paulette

  18. Thank you for the like on my blog. I’ve read several posts here and I love your blog. It’s very real.
    Thanks for your courage and honesty.

  19. Glad you’re enjoying it. Thanks for all the likes today!

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