your story : house


I’m using sethsnap’s photo prompt – click on his photo to see what I mean…



Ohio Christmas


Is that my house? I like it. The tree is moving. Can’t you see that?

As I sit at the dining table looking at the picture of this house I notice the reflection in the laptop screen. A moving tree. A large chunk of the building behind me. The image merges with the one before me.

I would like to live in the house in front of me.If I turn, the building behind is ugly. Dancing on the screen, skipping in and out of reality, it’s all quite lovely.




10 thoughts on “your story : house

  1. Wow – this is interesting!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for joining in.

  3. Hey, you.

    No dancing on the screen or skipping in and out of reality, now. I’m pretty sure that’s against the law… even in Australia.


  4. That’s a creative take on the photo! It’s an interesting photo in the fist place!

  5. I love the brick color of the building.. takes me back to England…moving tree? Not sure. 🙂

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