Monthly Peace Challenge : Acts of Kindness



I can’t remember how long ago I first met Kozo but I knew it was significant straight up, there’s a beautiful energy about his writing..and sure enough he has come up with a wonderful idea. He’s the instigator of bloggers for peace – don’t you find it inspirational what an effect one person can have..

Please read his recent post with this month’s prompt, our first, and maybe jump on the peace train yourself? I’ve been singing it all day while mulling over this peace post.

“Now I’ve been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be, something good has begun

Oh I’ve been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one
And I believe it could be, some day it’s going to come”

“Everyone jump upon the peace train
Come on now peace train”
 Yusuf Islam – Peace Train

For January Kozo suggests we write a personal post – write about a daily or weekly gesture/act of kindness you perform to create peace in your home or community. It’s the 1st of January 2013 in Oz so here goes!

There’s something I do daily. It’s an act of kindness definitely. And I hope it brings some peace to my mother, to our home. I wrote about it in my first post ever  and not in a very positive way.

First thing every morning I empty the pot from my mother’s bedroom that she uses overnight.  She’s 90 – can you imagine getting to that age?!?! She has bladder weakness and after several years is still embarrassed by her need to go frequently.  She moves slowly and with pain and the bathroom is too far in the middle of the night and too dangerous when sleep clouds judgement and vision.  When she turns off the tv at night and begins the long journey to the next room, turning off lights as she goes, the furniture in the middle room begins to dance around. The step seems to have moved, that chair wasn’t there in the daytime, where did the light switch go.. and so the decision was made, some years ago now, to acquire various aids – the pot being one.

It’s not a fun task so yes it is an act of kindness. It was the first thing that came to mind reading Kozo’s prompt but my instinct was also that, to write about it is to blow my own trumpet. I don’t want accolades – it’s just what I do, what you’d do.

I empty it with no comment, do not draw attention to it, and so I hope it brings her some peace. Being looked after like this. Less fear of falling. Or missing. We’d like to keep her at home her whole life and this is how we do it.

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34 thoughts on “Monthly Peace Challenge : Acts of Kindness

  1. You keep surprising me!

  2. We do what we have to do. Beautiful post.

  3. I’m sure it brings great peace and relief to your mother to have someone watch over her. May the new year bring everlasting peace and love to your home. 🙂

  4. My dear, Annie. The back of my neck is tingling. What a wonderful way to start off Bloggers for Peace 2013. I clicked on your link to Peace Train. I haven’t heard that song in ages, and it reminded me of the first feelings I had about peace. Then I read your incredible act of daily kindness. I love that you perform this act without expectations of returns. I love that you give dignity to others by your daily practice. Thank you so much for all you do. My heart is warm on this cold New Year’s Eve in Northern California. Thank you.

    • That was a lovely clip wasn’t it…and a lovely comment from you Kozo, thank you.

      I have to admit I don’t always perform this act of kindness with good grace, though I don’t show it..I’m not feeling too ‘chirpy’ about this new year. I will strive for peace though 🙂

  5. Annie, this reminds me of when my mother cared for my bed-bound father at home. I know it was not easy, and she cared for him out of love so he could be home – so he could die at home. You are a good woman, and your words are true – it is what you do. Very nice post, and definitely an act of kindness.

  6. I love this post! I too care for my 90 year old mother although she is not living with me. My heart goes out to you (and your mother) It is so hard but these acts of kindness, which no one sees, are most important! Happy New Year And Peace be with you!

  7. What a beautiful post for Bloggers for Peace to begin. I love this because Kozo’s challenge is all about the everyday things we do for others and doing this for your mother is so wonderful. I hope I live to 90 and if I do, I hope to have someone care for me as much as you do for your mother 😀

  8. Beautiful, Annie. How wonderful to have Mum around to care for! xoxoM

  9. One of my favorite acts of kindness and peace is the preservation of dignity. 🙂 I know you don’t do it for accolades, but you have mine nonetheless. *hugs*

  10. You are a blessing to your mom… Kudos for affirming it in writing.about it.
    Glad to reconnect with you this year and many thanks for the blog love
    •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•

  11. Thank you for sharing your loving act of kindness towards your mom. I have just joined the Bloggers for Peace and look forward to hearing about the encouragements of others. I also look out for my elderly friend and neighbor and know how much energy it takes. I don’t see a follow by email and sometimes I forget to look at WordPress reader, but I will try to keep up with your post.


  12. We should all be so lucky to have someone who loves us there to catch us when we fall and to empty a pot so that we may keep our dignity. Oh Annie, savor the kindness of you.

  13. a breath of fresh air just blew in as i read your daily kindness act…it is those menial work we must do that have no great applause but actually are the ones we probably gain the most graces from. well done. ❤

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