2013 hope? and a labyrinth..


I’m not expecting great things from 2013. I’m not being negative just, I feel, realistic.

I’m caring for an aged parent who will either die, or require another level of care and believe me the amount of care already has a significant impact on my life and wellbeing.

And my youngest, recently diagnosed, will have moments of health, maybe even months, but this condition is never going away. Not yet in remission so we haven’t quite learnt how to deal with it all yet, or what it means in the long term let alone next week.  I don’t make resolutions, I’m not looking forward with excitement, and, when thinking about it all one day at a time, Happy New Year from the Green Study resonated with me. Before reading that I hadn’t planned a new year post as such..

Other words that made me pause, and smile, today..

Mindful Writing Challenge – what  a lovely idea, collecting small stones each day this month – I’m in!

And Eliz’s Welcome to 2013: Tips for a Happy Healthy Year with her gift of twelve wishes for anyone who reads…thank you Eliz 🙂 One for each month? This month I should accept ‘hope’ from the list and try to lift my spirits and project a happier year than my heavy heart expects.

To answer the question in your post – I did something lovely to start the year yesterday.  I visited the nearby big park and breathed in the oxygen the trees gave out, awed by their size and grace. Discovered a little piece of it previously unwalked by me while looking for the proposed labyrinth site. Walked, meditated, smiled. Took a little time out to breathe.





31 thoughts on “2013 hope? and a labyrinth..

  1. I’m so sorry to read abut your parent who isn’t doing well and your youngest being diagnosed, that would make me apprehensive about a new year too, facing those challenges. I wish you the bet with this new year for you and your loved ones!

  2. Nice pictures. Aside from that, whatever the chores or the difficulties, a new day opens a lot of new possibilities… most of all, in our own minds. I would like to wish you a very sweet year, and may there be some really surprising and good resolutions to the problems you’re facing.

  3. I can’t express how much my heart goes out to you.

  4. Even when known difficulties await us, we have to make sure our eyes are watchful for those moments of light and of oxygen and fully take them in. They will help lift us and carry us through times of sorrow and anger and disappointment.
    I’m sorry to hear of the challenges that lie ahead, but I love that you have a place to go among trees. I wish you many moments like that this year and I’m glad you chose to write something about them.

    • Thanks so much and I’m glad too that this positive time came up before I wrote the post 🙂 So calming to be able to just be somewhere like that.

      I hope you have moments and places like that too.

  5. free penny press

    I spent 2011 caring for my ill Mother and the most important thing a friend told me was to care for ME first. Love me, be kind to me so I would have the strength to care for her. It helped enormously..
    Breathe deeply each morning and allow your inner strength to rise!!

  6. None the less, may your 2013 be filled with awe, wonder, adventure and joy!!

  7. May you be Happy and Well! with metta

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful start of the New Year, Annie–reading inspirational blog posts, breathing in the beauty of your backyard, meditated, and wrote a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Really nice pictures, Annie. So glad you took some time to breathe.

  10. Heartfelt thoughts from me too Annie. I think you must be fantastically strong willed that you were able to go out for such a healing meditation/walk even though all this hung heavy on your heart.

  11. Sending you prayers, blessings and {{{HUGS}}} I’m glad meditation is part of your life… All will be well.

  12. TY for the mention and pingback! 🙂

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