connections…blood lines


I’ve thought about this before of course but it struck me, reading this post As old as the earth, that I am my grandparents. And beyond! I can’t even think beyond because I don’t know their stories. Their struggles, their loves.

For the past year or so I’ve been thinking about going to the area where my father grew up. Standing and looking at that shop, breathing, feeling the earth beneath me. Thinking that, as a little boy, he must have run up and down that hill behind it as play. If his mother let him?

from the bridge

Just to walk  where generations before me did.

Then, reading Purnimodo’s post, I realised my grandparents are right here with me. They are me now.

I am Ireland.

And I suppose I am also the other side like it or not! I don’t tend to give them much thought, identify with the immigrants not those who passed through. I am Scotland and all over South America as well.

I am a farmer and a railway engineer, a shopkeeper, an artist, an embroiderer, and an exporter of goods rather not have left the country, rather not have been produced… I am a doctor and a mother.

The line weaves on it’s way back to the Irish farmer but I see the connection.

Who are you?? 🙂




13 thoughts on “connections…blood lines

  1. I am Ireland, too! Last month I emailed my uncle, the last surviving sibling from my dad’s family, to ask some questions about my grandfather and he wrote me a great long letter with details I never knew. The older I get the more important all of that is to me.

    Hope 2013 is a truly good year for you Annie!

  2. There’s weight in thinking about what makes us who we are… a good weight.

  3. Beautiful post. And hey South American too! 🙂

    Do go on this trip. If you’re thinking about it for a year.. perhaps it’s important to go. You never know what the Earth might tell you.

    Warm wishes! 🙂

  4. I have had that consciousnesses many times… sometimes for a moment, sometimes for hours, aware of grandparents and forefathers and mothers, residing in my head… in my soul… very aware of their dreams and challenges… aware of them peeking through my eyes. I really liked this, Annie.

  5. I am Scotland and Wales and have never visited either place – but one day I will. Beautiful post, Annie 😉

  6. Lovely images, Annie. I have a toehold in so many different countries, I consider myself a child of this lovely planet! 😉 xoxoM

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