haiku heights #204 : death


death knocks and runs off

prank calls in the neighbourhood

she’s waiting, ready




39 thoughts on “haiku heights #204 : death

  1. sounds like you live in an interesting neighbourhood?

  2. Wow this is very thought-provoking! Sounds like a ‘near-death’ experience!

  3. Yes, waiting for every one of us. It’s a good thing to remember, but few of us do. I wrote a piece about death once – how most people most of the time have this kind of unconscious notion that it’s something that happens to other people. Unless of course you’ve had a close brush with it.

  4. In that case, I’m moving out!

  5. Very intriguing! And a great reminder…

  6. Yes, Death in the neighborhood is like this. Nicely done.

  7. A bit alarming to imagine death scouring the neighbourhood just calling on someone out of the blue ~ but it sounds as if the victim was prepared ~ don’t think I am!

  8. Nicely done. A poke and a prod.

  9. I’m glad she’s prepared. That’s one smart woman.

  10. unfetteredbs

    Good one πŸ™‚

  11. Love it, Annie. A prank call from Death who waits for everyone. Only an Australian/Tibetan could have come up with that one. haha. Cheers to you and your Mum.

  12. Tag your it! Time for your award! Come and get it!!

  13. I like the playful approach you used… πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been writing my haiku on my blogspot blog.

  14. Even death makes prank calls. Very nice take!

  15. dark, halloweenish – without respecting any date – death comes cold – calling

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