carpe diem haiku : sweet memories


Just sneaking in timing wise for the carpe diem haiku prompt – sweet memories


byron bay

sunshine and surfboards

jasmine air, coconut oil

Kombi takes us north




23 thoughts on “carpe diem haiku : sweet memories

  1. Chasing the waves!! I love it. Great memories!

  2. Tugged at my heart with this one.

  3. So beautiful. Love the surfboard pic. Is this your life? Is that your backyard?

  4. Ah – the good old days….

  5. so young and free!

  6. Wonderful memories of summer road trips. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Really nice memory caught in a haiku … thanks for sharing.

  8. That swallow tail thruster looks pretty short, Annie. Did you used to ride that? Kudos to you. Best I could do nowadays is a 9 foot Mal. haha

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