Federer v Tomic, The Blackman, The Press Club….thank you Melbourne!


I’ll tell you a story.

We went to Melbourne for a couple of days. For the last three years I’ve gone around this time, to watch tennis. Who’d have thought, before that, that I’d ever go to the Australian Open? I’ve seen Federer up close and personal three times now – how lucky am I? The luck of the draw…

Fed v Tomic 2013

Both the girls came with me this time, and my son in law.

Youngest and I flew off together. We took our anxiety with us. On the hottest day in Sydney’s history (46.4C or 115.5F) we walked through that tin can that connects terminal to plane, only just without fainting. She brought her illness with her, and both our fears around that came along. The others flew further south by mistake – I hope they enjoyed the minibus through the country, some nice world out those windows..

Boom, as son in law would say, the hotel was amazing! A famous aussie’s art all over the place, welcoming staff, and a great location. Youngest wants to stay there whenever we go to Melbourne now, I think I’ll stay for a month one year, if I outlast mother. So this is what they call a ‘boutique’ hotel 🙂

The Blackman

We ate out, while youngest watched. That was the low point. Booked a celebrity chef’s restaurant months ago, before the diagnosis. Both girls love ‘Masterchef’ and meeting George would have iced it. He wasn’t in and his staff, though oh so attentive and primed to the situation, didn’t quite hit it with something youngest could eat. Hit home to her, and to me, that she can probably never just go to a restaurant and order from the menu again. In – her – whole – life. Low.

The Press Club

Melbourne has such a different feel from Sydney. European? Cosmopolitan? I was reminded of Italy in some parts.. It’s just lovely and we did a lot, we did have fun, we went non stop.


Little one was very sick the night we came home. Thud. Back to reality. Doctor for her and work for me. Back in the swing now, she’s relaxed again and, after three huge days of work, we’re heading to the beach this weekend.

Life sounds pretty good eh? We all have things though…you know that.



33 thoughts on “Federer v Tomic, The Blackman, The Press Club….thank you Melbourne!

  1. What is little one’s diagnosis?

  2. I’ve seen the Open advertised on TV (they’re covering it here) and wondered if you were going to it. Nice to get away.

    My best to you and yours.

  3. Even though your daughter didn’t get to eat at the restaurant, she got something more nourishing–quality time with her mother. Sounds like a wonderful trip, Annie. Let’s have our Australian Blog get-together at that hotel in Melbourne. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  4. Perhaps there just needs an adjustment in how you dine in fine places, Annie. I’m sure that if you were to contact the establishment ahead of time and stated what little one’s needs are, the chef’s creative juices (so to speak) would get going and a delicious meal could be prepared for her. Chefs love challenges and an appreciation of their creations, so what have you got to lose? The whole trip sounds wonderful! xoxoM

    • It was a pretty good trip M, you’re right!

      I did ring and speak to them beforehand and they made notes next to our booking, then spoke to our main waitress on arrival. They most certainly did their best and were very very nice about it. Unfortunately she was unable to eat what they prepared though – they certainly tried.

      It just seems that she won’t be able to eat out, fine dining or otherwise..but her illness is new-ish to us – we need time..

      • Yes, you need time. And, perhaps, being specific about the things she is able to eat and definitely NOT able to eat. It’s a different way of being, a different way of expressing her perfection, and it takes a bit of a learning curve. It’s also so nice to hear that they made the effort! xoxoM

  5. I think you should have named that restaurant, Annie because they should have been able to cater for all diets and I could imagine a ‘celebrity chef’s restaurant’ wouldn’t come cheap! Sorry if that sounded like a bit of a rant, but chef’s nowdays focus on dietary retirements and the fact that they couldn’t be bothered separating different food types irks me a bit. {rant over}

    I’m glad you spent quality time together. There’s nothing better than getting away with the kids and having a great time (these are what memories are made of!) I absolutely love Melbourne. My daughter lives there and I just love going to visit (and shopping) 😀

  6. free penny press

    I envy you the getting away part.. I need a vacation so desperately. I’m sorry the child got sick but how nice for you to have a change of scenery!! I love the hotel room.. very classy 😉

  7. Sending you lots of patience to find the best way for your daughter to enjoy life with her condition – it’s rough for all of you.

  8. Lovely pictures, Annie. You were all very brave to go, and it is good to get away and make memories.

  9. Sorry for the illness. Adjustments are hard, but time makes them easier, and life comes back to normal. Melbourne is a very different feel from Sydney. Both are wonderful! Good luck to the little one!

    • Thanks so much for saying so…we need time.

      A fellow aussie?

      • Yes, unfortunately I have a friend with two children with pretty serious illnesses that change their diets considerably. One has Type I Infant Diabetes, the other has Celiac Disease. They were devastating at first but with time, they have both adjusted with diet and are thriving now. 🙂 No I am not, just have been lucky enough to visit. Love the beautiful Country. I was only able to stay a month, not enough time to see very much. But enough to know I want to come back to see more!

  10. Wow…my husband would probably pose as part of your family to get to see Roger up close!! Glad you were all able to get away and enjoy some great tennis!!

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