sharing the love – some blogs you might enjoy


A few weeks ago a couple of bloggers mentioned me in award posts on the same day πŸ™‚

I didn’t have time to respond right then, life got away from me, so I saved them up. Now, because I’m a little (ahem) lazy, rather than do the whole award thing correctly I’m going to mention and thank those who thought enough of me to pass them this way, and then suggest some bloggers I enjoy reading in the hope some of you will visit them and share the love.. In each case I’ll link to a post you might like to take a look at. Β What I like about these awards is that it leads us to blogs we may not have come across, leads us to new and wonderful words to read, and connects us all by six degrees (or so).

Thanks so much Lea for passing on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award – please click HERE to see an inspirational video Lea shared on her blog.

And thank you too Cookie for the Versatile Blogger Award – here’s a post of Cookie’s from christmas time..

Now I’m going to share links to what I consider some good reading – some of my old favourites and some more newly discovered..

TW Dittmer Β – Tim’s book is the first of a fellow blogger I read…I’m still thinking about it – loved it.

Lois Elsden


Kozo (((hug)))

Dianne Gray




Fairytale Fallacies



ellisnelsonΒ – Ellis wrote the most recent book I read..a great story with Buddhist lessons, some I was reminded of and others new to me – loved it.

So go read something, jump in on any of those blogs πŸ™‚



25 thoughts on “sharing the love – some blogs you might enjoy



  2. unfetteredbs

    thanks dudette

  3. You’re a sweetheart – thanks for sharing the love!

  4. Congratulations! And thank you for the kindness, in the pingback and in general. (And you’ve made me feel better about my delay in responding to some nominations, too. I love thanking people for their work, but I dread the computer hijinks needed to cut and paste. )

    • My pleasure πŸ™‚
      I worry that some people won’t like ‘awards’ so I think this way it’s just a sharing of wordlines…I’ve found many of the bloggers I follow through suggestions of others and I love looking around like that.

  5. Thanks for the ping, Annie. And thank you for sharing other blogs. I had no idea that Ellis’s book had Buddhist lessons even though I knew she studied Buddhism. (I know, I know, brain fart).
    P.S. Still thinking about the wonderful letter your daughter wrote.

    • I loved Ellis’s book Kozo, hope you do too.

      Thanks re daughter’s letter πŸ™‚ She has submitted it to two newspapers..may not hear back of course but then she’ll cast the net wider still x

  6. Thanks so much, Annie. You pointed at one of my favorite posts. πŸ˜‰

  7. Congratulations, Annie. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for the ping πŸ˜‰

    I’ll be checking out those other blogs now πŸ˜€

  8. Congratulations Anne. We are all connected by six degrees (or so).

  9. Thank you so much! I just saw this, what a sweetheart! I really needed the love today, so finding this was a blessing!

  10. Thank you Annie…Congratulations to you!.. Julia

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