daily prompt : through the window


Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt : Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.


From the couch I see directly out the front window. The house opposite and the one next to it are in my line of sight. One gate open one closed. One door open one closed. No sign of human life. An umbrella against the red door, could be stolen by end of day.

There’s a flash of something pink through the open door and suddenly the silhouette of a small girl being lifted and swung in the air. Playful occupants.

I see peeks of red through the hedge, I know there’s a car parked across the road. I love our hedge like this, before it’s snipped into conformity by mother’s gardener. Defiant stray strands reaching for the sky. Or waving ‘look at me, look at me’.

Two trees, uncomfortable guests at the party, leaves swaying ever so gently in the breeze…

And the top of a small truck, noiselessly gliding down the street, looking for somewhere to park.



22 thoughts on “daily prompt : through the window

  1. This is really good. So much of it sings out loud.

  2. I enjoyed sitting with you, looking through the window. I very intimate and personal view.

  3. Wonderful observations, Annie. I did especially like the playful occupants and flash of pink. You’ve painted an overall lovely, enviable picture in contrast to our rainy, dreary night.

  4. This is wonderful, Annie. I felt like I was sitting there with you watching what was going on in your street. Beautifully written and very visual! 😀

  5. I want to be a “defiant strand” waving “Look at me, Look at me.” haha. Love this, Annie.

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  7. This is so good.. I could picture the scene in my head..
    By the way Diana sent me over and I’m glad she did…

  8. This does sing beautiflly — softly calling me to relax and be present.

    (Diana sent me :))

  9. I wake each day at first light and write from my desk as I look out and watch the sunrise. A see the valley opposite, the blue sky, clouds, trees in the forest. I hear birds and the sound of the river in the distance. A new dawn. A new day. A new beginning.
    Thanks for your post and sharing your view.
    (Diana sent me).

  10. […] daily prompt : through the window | bodhisattvaintraining […]

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