bloggers for peace : february? haiku


let’s imagine this

our generation spreads peace

one heart at a time


meditate . sunrise

smile, breathe and go slowly

meditate . sunset


work on inner peace

tonglen and loving kindness

for all sentient beings


Bloggers for Peace – check it out !


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14 thoughts on “bloggers for peace : february? haiku

  1. Love this, Annie. Love the middle stanza. What a perfect day–meditate, smile, breathe, slow down, meditate. Thank you so much for this powerful poem for peace. Love, Kozo

  2. This is beautiful, Annie. What a fantastic tribute to B4Peace 😀

  3. Beautiful post and thank you for the ping. 🙂

  4. Love this, Annie. It does start with inner peace, doesn’t it.

  5. Beautiful haiku! Thank you ~

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  7. […] bloggers for peace : february? haiku | bodhisattvaintraining […]

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