And now MY mother is in the hospital too. Nothing can kill her. She’s ninety. She fell, broke nothing, and a brain scan is clear. They’ll observe her for a few days and I’ll take the rest thank you.

Occurred to me, that at any given time, several of us have sons who won’t keep in contact, mothers in hospital, daughters with auto immune conditions, another adult child with dreams that have them juggling the $ and rewriting the plan. All this within days of our birthday while being very busy at work and wondering where mr right wandered off to.

We are one, blogging community, we are connected.

I’ve read of a memoir class – the facilitator starts by telling the group ‘not one of you has an original story’.

They’ve all been told..we are one.



24 thoughts on “samsara

  1. I’m glad your mom is ok. Yes nothing is new under the sun. Take care of you…

  2. I’m not so sure we don’t have original stories, Annie. While I agree that we are all One, the One is expressing perfectly, infinitely, eternally. If a single form of expression were sufficient, there would not be so many of us expressing. So, while we are all, indeed, One and equal, we are not all the same! That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! Glad Mom is well and you can take 5! xoxoM

  3. I find that very powerful… not one of you has an original story. We are all one, but I’m with Margarita, it’s in the telling. There is originality to be found and shared. Hope your mum recovers well, and you do indeed get a break. Hard to admit, but when my mum landed in Hospice… I was sad, and shocked, but it was indeed a break (rest) for me… that was much needed. It was relief to know that she was safe, and others would make sure of it for a little while.

  4. Sending big cuber hugs. You have a lot on your plate. But not feeling sorry for you. No no. The One, Life, is living itself as you. Underneath the worries, and the heartache, is a kernel of joy because that is the nature of One/Life. May that seed spring forth and fill your heart even in these tough times. I see you! You are the One, Life living itself, in a completely unique way, and under the vicissitudes of live, and your pain for your loved ones, is a big bowl of laughter. May you dip your toe in it now and then. I think you are a grand warrior!

  5. Best to your mom….Love the philosophy! Cheers and rest to you~

  6. I like to think that each of us has a very different story, because we are all different in some way. If you look at a fingerprint, without being an expert, all fingerprints look very much the same. And yet each is different enough to enable us to identify a person without doubt… even in the case of twins. The same goes for our stories. It’s not just the mother in the hospital… but the many years of relationship between the daughter and mother; all the things that had to be worked through, in order to reach understanding and true appreciation. And still, I enjoyed this post. I might disagree with you, but there is also a side with which I can agree.

    • I guess, in my simplistic way of writing, when I say we are all one I mean that I draw comfort from sharing experiences and thoughts with others who relate. At a difficult time in my past I kept silent (pain? shame? fear? so many emotions) thinking it such an odd situation – later found so many many others have gone through it. And so of course our individual stories have great differences but there are others out there who will not be surprised by our tale…

  7. I’m glad your mum is okay. Sending bug hugs your way, Annie. All one…

  8. We are all one. Great reminder, Annie. Sounds like you are a lot like your mother–a survivor. Sending love and peace your way. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  9. I’m so sorry to hear your Mum is in the hospital. Sending you lots of love and strength. xxx

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