I think you probably need a cat – purr therapy


There’s a connection with this cat I can’t explain.

I’d love to know what’s she thinking and yet it shows how close you can be without speech, layers of understanding. She seems to like hearing my voice even though we spend hours of companionable silence.

Little paws on my thigh, face up towards me – ‘here I am, scratch my chin’.

What’s with the to and fro, the twirling to find a position? Share some space with me, I’ve moved my phone and tiger balm – you can have half the couch.

I wonder how far their eyes can see, how much their memory holds. I wonder if I was a cat in a past life, or if in fact she’s warming up to a human rebirth.

From the Buddhist point of view I know that we are karmically connected and will be together in future lives in some way. She keeps me warm when it’s cold, or vice versa? And tries to comfort me when I’m sick.





22 thoughts on “I think you probably need a cat – purr therapy

  1. love the idea of cat-purr therapy … we had cats long ago but we are both allergic to the fur so now only cuddle cats rarely … animals are so loving, they have musc to teach us judgemental humans 🙂

  2. Kitty love–:)

  3. This cat look exactly like a cat I had many years ago. I miss his bunny-soft fur.

  4. She is a beauty. And I know just what you’re talking about, on a whole lot of levels. Definitely, you share some karma. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful cat. I love them too. They have class and finesse. I’ve always had cats in my life.

  6. Karmically connected, wise beyond years. Just being. Enjoying the light in each other. Beautiful. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  7. Awww – just beautiful, Annie. Purrrrrrfect love 😀

  8. Really sweet, Annie. You know we had dogs (still have one), and they are wonderful, but they are like having kids in the house. Huge personalities and having constant needs. Take me out, get me a biscuit, feed me, rub my belly. And they never had to go out at the same time. Cats, on the other hand, take care of themselves and truly are sweet companions.

    • Cats are very easy. Dogs give so much love too though.

      We always had dogs as I grew up, didn’t have my first cat til about 10 years ago…am hooked now though 🙂 and at this stage, and location I couldn’t have a dog. (I do hope to some day again)

  9. I totally agree.

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