five ways coffee shop – not my regular

Just so happened that half an hour after reading today’s Weekly Writing Challenge  I was meeting two of my children at a local cafe so obviously I took in the surroundings…

Some photos from the walk there


cbd from paddo

down the lane


The guy at the closest table to us was devouring the newspaper like nothing mattered more. It’s a thing people do when they’re alone in a coffee shop. I’ve done it – makes you look so busy, preoccupied, not worried about being alone at all. Apart from our table though every table had just one person at it. Strange experience – no talking in the café.

It’s not the sort of café I feel comfortable in. My daughter had the day off work and she picked it. I could feel the beginning of a panic attack but was determined not to show it. It’s sort of a cross between posh and hip if that makes sense? Posh pretending to be hip? Minimalist. Black walls, concrete unfinished floor, dark wood. A shelf of bread.


shelf of bread


The barista is one of the tallest men I’ve seen. There’s three wires hanging from the ceiling. Long tubes attached and the take away coffee cups are stored there. He doesn’t have to reach much to pull one out, in fact the bottom ones are lower than his eyeline. The only sound is the hum from our table, nothing moving in the clean lines of the restaurant but the tubes, the wires, are swaying oh so gently.

A husky looks in while it’s owner waits for an order and three children laugh as they walk by with balloons. The guy at the closest table takes a call on his phone and rushes to the counter to grab a paper serviette and borrow a pen to document someone’s words for him.


coffee shop


Not my kind of coffee shop – I had a mineral water.


More photos on the walk home

another gnome!



36 thoughts on “five ways coffee shop – not my regular

  1. I really enjoyed this fly on the wall-esque account of the coffee shop. I’ve been travelling for the last month – which is why I haven’t stopped by for some time – and I had plenty of time, sitting alone in cafes, observing what was going on around me. There was always a slightly edgy moment when I sat down, aware that I was only one person, surrounded by tables where friends were talking, but after a while I got used to it and felt that I had broken through something. I guess that’s why I like travelling as I always come home with a new insight. I love the photos from your walk to – for me flowers in bloom (but not necessarily in the main part of the picture) are one of my favourites for photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the pictures. The one with the blossoms on the sidewalk is stunning. I can understand your feelings about the cafe. It doesn’t sound like my kind of place either.

  3. I have enjoyed following your blog. I wish you every success in your journeys!

  4. Not sure I would stay either… though a latte sounds really good right now! 😉

  5. not my kind of coffee shop either! I used to like the ones in Montreal, they usually had some hippy dude strumming a guitar and singing. All acoustic.

  6. Now I feel like a coffee…

    I prefer cafes where people are chattering and having a nice time rather than the ‘silent’ ones as well, Annie 😀 I like your pics – thanks for taking me along on your journey today 😉

  7. would like to hear more about the doll in the picture second from last…

  8. That is a bit strange. Only one person per table, all with their back to the wall. At least you had some time with your kids.

  9. Interesting views and angles. I can totally relate to “not my kind of coffee shop. I got mineral water instead.”

  10. How funny I lived close by to five ways from 1998 to 2001, this cafe was not there at that time though. Robert

  11. I quite like being alone in a coffee shop (maybe not that one). I can read the paper in peace, or write in my notebook. I also like sitting around talking with my kids in cafes.Nice post!

  12. i enjoyed your walk and the odd experience in the coffee shop 🙂

  13. Good descriptive piece, I was right there with you and I would have risked the coffee cause I’m addicted.

  14. You are included in my list of outstanding bloggers, check out the company you’re in –

  15. When did disconnection become cool? I wonder if you would have started talking loudly if they would have thrown you out? Great story though, Annie. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Certainly think I would have made a scene if I talked loudly!! ha ha don’t think I’ll go back to try it, I just don’t know why my daughter likes that cafe so’s quite cold.

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