cool sydney mornings and hypnosis for panic

I smiled as soon as I woke up. It was a little after six and I could see grey out the tiny rectangle of window that isn’t covered by blind. Lovely snuggly pull the doona round your neck knowing you don’t have to get up for a while weather.

Just after seven they start banging next to my head. Been going on for weeks, what could they possibly be doing next door, what could be left to demolish or drill through? When you walk past their open front door all is immaculate within. White couches, waist high white candles, no dust. It’s a mystery I don’t really care to solve – I just want the noise to go away.

Time to get up then obviously!

Happy Monday – don’t have to go to the office day, don’t have to leave the house day! I’m on mother’s roster for the morning, and also have to open her door to some helpers when they choose to appear but apart from that my time is my own.

Later I will lie on the couch and listen to the hypnosis podcast..believe it or not my anxiety level has diminished in just two days of trying it! And I’m sleeping better. Haven’t had a panic attack since the first session. L.o.v.i.n.g. it 🙂 

May all beings be well and happy (even the neighbours and their builders).


29 thoughts on “cool sydney mornings and hypnosis for panic

  1. Good to hear you’re sleeping better in spite of your noisy neighbours! What’s a doona?

  2. LOVE clinical hypnosis. There is so much one can manage with it.

  3. Have you asked them what the project is, and how long it might take? Might be worth a friendly inquiry… also lets them know they are putting their neighbors out. Sly, eh? Glad you’re feeling better. Share the name of the podcast? Have a good week! 🙂

  4. Love thy enemy, Annie. Onelove for builders. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  5. sorry about the builders, otherwise your morning sounds lovely! so glad you are sleeping better … have you tried practising yoga nidra?

  6. You sound good. I’m happy for you.

  7. This is brilliant, Annie. My daughter did something similar for her fear of flying and it’s really helped with other things in her life as well. I’m a believer! 😀

  8. It works, huh? I’d say use it, then. 🙂

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