The Grounds – now That’s a coffee shop!


Yesterday we had a big family brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria – now THAT is my kind of coffee shop. It’s an amazing place and a great use of space in what could easily be/used to be? an industrial area in inner Sydney.

The Grounds


Had a good walk around before we sat down. Youngest arrived an hour before us to secure a place in the queue – I am N O T kidding. It’s a lovely place to be though, full of herbs and flower gardens. Flowers for sale and fresh juices, fruit. Animals to coo over. Fresh eggs from their own chickens and an adorable piglet they surely aren’t growing to eat? I think the egg and bacon roll sign could be moved a little further from his house…

veggie garden


As well as the formal restaurant in the main building there’s a large area undercover where you can eat food (eg said egg and bacon rolls) from the outdoor counter. And a child’s birthday party was in full balloon and cake swing. One tiny boy was nipped by Kevin Bacon but, really, you can’t blame him – the place was packed and everyone wanted his attention. Massive photo call day for him.

Kevin Bacon


When the buzzer went off we were led to the best table in the house! Out of the main traffic area and with a view of indoors and out, our own private little alcove. We all wonder aloud what the building was used for originally til one bright spark among us reads the blurb in the menu – it used to be a pie making factory. Mmm son in law thinks he wants a pie now. Ha ha 🙂 The food was so good. Fruit plate with yoghurt and cappuccino for me. Ginger tea, hot chocs, lattes all round. Big breakfast boards; Turkish eggs, breakfast burger; bircher muesli – sounds delicious? Everything was..



I loved it and will try to go back on a less crowded day if it has such a thing. Maybe a week day, early.

I’ve been living in the city too long – I woke up wondering how they keep Kevin Bacon and the chooks safe at night.


KB's house





14 thoughts on “The Grounds – now That’s a coffee shop!

  1. How do they keep Kevin Bacon safe in a world that seems to have gone crazy over bacon? Don’t know about Australia, but here in the U.S., everything has to have bacon on it.

    Apart from that burning question, it seems to be a lovely place. 🙂

  2. sounds like a very good day.

  3. When I last visited you, the coffee shop you went to was not quite it. Now this seems much better. Curious thing though: a coffee shop with a pet pig named Kevin Bacon. Does the actor know he has a namesake all the way there?

    • This one was sooo way ahead of that other one!

      Ha ha I don’t know about the actor – how funny would that be for him to visit there!

      I just hope they don’t plan on eating the piglet :-0

  4. victoriaaphotography

    Looks like a fabulous place to visit (and eat at).
    I love bacon, but banned it from my plate many years ago when I had gall stones. I don’t think I could bring up a piglet and then turn around and eat bacon.

  5. unfetteredbs

    Looks like my kind of place. Sounds like a great time 🙂

  6. Coffee shops with buzzers, wow. Love Kevin Bacon and the ax, although I don’t like thinking about the two together. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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