changing the object of your cherishing

wise words from Lama Zopa 🙂


6 thoughts on “changing the object of your cherishing

  1. Lot of bondage in the world.

    • Family attachments yes…but no need for self cherishing?

      • I don’t like to talk much about things that are so far over my head. Cherish is a pretty strong word, though. Simple acceptance is enough for me.

        • Self cherishing is a term used in Tibetan Buddhism – probably doesn’t carry the strength you think.. it’s more like – caring about yourself above all others, giving yourself importance. When we shift our care to other humans and beings then we can free ourselves some…doesn’t mean we don’t care about ourself but we don’t put ourselves above others. I hope I’m making sense.

          • I think I get it. My thoughts are so close to Buddhist philosophy that some mistake me for being Buddhist, and expect me to know more about it than I really do. Sure appreciate your patience with me, Annie.

          • And then Buddhism is often close to common sense or philosophy so alot of people out there appear Buddhist without knowing it 🙂

            such JOY

            On a funny point though – it happens over and over that we spend time in classes defining words and having quite different perceptions of them in our own day to day usage to what the Tibetan masters who first used them meant ha ha ha.

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