noble truths


The Buddha’s first truth? Suffering exists.

Sometimes, when I look around, I wonder how we all get through this samsara. There was a massive accident a block from the university. Stopped at the lights I could see just how many police were taking statements, and the sobbing wreck of a man involved.

I turned my head to shield myself only to be confronted by the struggle to walk of a young man with cerebral palsy. Defies understanding how he was even managing to stay upright.

We are the lucky ones. Youngest has UC but she’s getting an education, I can pay for her medicine and any food she wants to eat, and she has her own bathroom right off her bedroom. I’m driving my almost new car and it’s a clear, blue sky autumn day. I turn off into the park to breathe for a while, visit the trees and ducks.


centennial park


The ducks are busy. It’s school holidays and the park can barely fit another creature in.

Our land has been called the lucky country. You know it. There’s no war on our soil, we don’t know bombs. No tsunami, twisters or earthquakes. We could stand to be a little more generous – take a few more refugees, an asylum seeker or two. Come on..

There is an end to suffering. The third truth.



25 thoughts on “noble truths

  1. And the key to ending that suffering is changing my perception; at least, that’s my experience. Our spring is slow in coming this year; not such a terrible thing since it gives us pause to appreciate the tiny new expressions of it appearing daily! xoxoM

  2. This is a lovely reminder. We in the US could stand to be more open about immigration to those that want to be here. Especially to the economic immigrants driven from their farms and homes in Mexico by the results of our NAFTA “treaty”. Sigh. Yes. Suffering. We can all do better. Alice

  3. It is hard some days, but always good to remember the third truth. 😉 What is UC? I’ve read those posts, but forget what that is.

  4. Beautifully expressed thoughts of gratitude
    I was at a red light last week when two cars infront of me somehow avoided a head-on crash with only inches to spare. It left me shaking.

  5. I agree. I was shocked to learn that Japan has over 100 million people, we have just hit 23 million

  6. Beautiful post. I love the way you move past the suffering to appreciation.

  7. I love this country, Annie. Sometimes when I’m feeling like things are bad I have a look at other countries and am quickly snapped back to reality 😀

  8. i so wish we would take more refugees, it is unconscionable that we dilly dally so shamelessly and let suffering people perish … yes there is suffering everywhere but it is not always life threatening … our beautiful peaceful land has room for many more if we open our hearts 🙂

  9. Annie, this is a powerful post. Your country is beautiful from what I’ve seen from bloggers. I love the benefits that immigrants have brought to the United States, theINFP’s comparison of population between Japan and Australia got my attention! Wow!

  10. Makes me want to move down under, or at least come for a visit. We are all blessed wherever we are. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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