the art of peace


Kozo came up with the idea of mobilising bloggers for peace months ago and the gathering grows, the blogs flow..

Here we are in May and for this month we’re asked to relate art and peace – you can go over to his post HERE to read the details, maybe join in?


byron bay



At the ripe old age of 50 I discovered the joy that is Byron Bay.Β 

The next year I went back for a longer visit, rented a house and this photo, peace to me, is the bottom of the garden.

As the plane was landing at Gold Coast Airport instead of ‘welcome to blah blah it’s x degrees’ the pilot said ‘Welcome to Queensland, jumpers off!’ (That’s sweaters to those of you across the sea…) . Picked up my rental car and drove south to Byron. Those Queensland Tourism tv ads from years back ‘Ah Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next’ are just….true! There’s a joking rivalry between our state and those above us on the map but I defy anyone to spend time there and not admit how lovely it is. Β Oh, of course Byron is actually at the top of our state but I’m talking about the area in general.

Anyhoooo where was I?Β 


When I found the house, opened the back door, looked out at what lay in front of me, I walked straight to the bottom of the garden where the ocean meets the rocks meets my backyard for a week. I went right to the edge. Down the path, on to the rocks and sat. I looked at the water breaking on the rocks, coming and going. I looked out at the horizon, at the waves rolling in. Back to the spray at my feet. Mesmerized by every little droplet – incredible nature. The gift of peace right there πŸ™‚


48 thoughts on “the art of peace

  1. I could get lost in that peace very easily. Makes me smile just looking at it.

  2. It looks like a beautiful spot. The ocean is so healing. Isn’t it interesting how landscapes can have such an effect on us.

  3. I’m glad you explained ‘Jumpers off!’ as I thought it meant you had to parachute out of the plane. πŸ˜‰ It looks absolutely lovely, can I come over?

  4. Heaven heaven heaven. We love Byron Bay. Such a special and beautiful place.

  5. Ahhhhh – I feel peaceful just reading this, Annie! πŸ˜€

  6. Lovely post and stunning photo.

  7. I am all for Peace.

  8. I say we rent the house for our Australian B4Peace tour. Invite Dianne and INFP down, do some meditation, some body surfing, and some {{{Hugging}}}. You still got that lottery ticket, Annie? Beautiful post for peace. Thank you. Love, Kozo

  9. You and I need to be neighbors, Annie. I was mesmerized by your photo before I was completely mesmerized by your words. I want to stand in that spot, too, and feel that peace. Isn’t it so amazing that a powerful, sometimes angry and violent, body of water can bring so much peace. I hope you are able to go back soon.

  10. a wonderful experience annie … i feel it almost every day here with the ocean and the national park around us … hope that peace will spread to others …

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  15. LOVE Queensland, and really enjoyed your ode to Peace. Looks divine!

  16. I enjoy reading your site I have nominated you for THE BEST MOMENT AWARD

  17. Memory Catcher

    This story takes me away. Thanks for liking my blog today! Sally

  18. If you stayed around the esplanade area, yup! turn to your right and that would probably be near that garden!

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  20. Beautiful words, beautiful picture, beautiful place. Thank you!

  21. So lovely and yes, it certainly embodies peace. Thank you also for following my blog!

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  23. What a beautiful place. Everybody deserves peace in their life.

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