sore throat, sore eyes….someone’s painting!


My bed is a dropsheet.

The big kids are painting the front room next door before they move back in, removing the world on their wall that youngest drew. It was pretty impressive but I digress.

Carpenter cousin left them a canvas to spread out, he said the plastic they’d bought wouldn’t do the trick. It’s folded near the front door and the old cat thinks it’s the perfect sleep spot during the day. She likes to claim anything new.

Trouble starts when she comes up during the night and transfers a history of painted rooms onto my bed.

Note to self put that damn dropsheet in the room it’s meant for!





5 thoughts on “sore throat, sore eyes….someone’s painting!

  1. I hate it when people paint because it causes something similar to asthma to me (and I’ve never had asthma!) It’s a horrible smell. You poor thing 😯

    • Yes it’s that feeling in your throat, chest.

      Luckily the painting itself is far enough that I’m not breathing it , it was all over the cat though ! ha ha

      Last night I finally moved the spare dust sheet upstairs; and changed my bed – all good now!

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