mother and son (no, not the ruth cracknell, gary mcdonald version!)


Mother’s day has come and gone in Australia. In our house we don’t ‘do’ mother’s day.

We grew up with a mother who said things like ‘every day is mother’s day’ and that she didn’t want presents but she actually loves a fuss, loves a present and mother’s day isn’t the only occasion where what comes out of her mouth does not match her expectations. If not met the face and mood will let you know you’ve failed.

I took it further with my kids. I don’t want presents Means I don’t want presents 🙂 I gave birth to THEM because I wanted children, they don’t have to give me a gift for that!

Any kind of day that is marked we see an amount of blog posts relating to it. For the most part I find it’s overkill, perhaps because I’m just not interested in this particular day.

I did read a few though, either because I like whatever the particular writer has to say or because something in the first part of the post, that you can see in the reader, grabbed me. I’ll point you to a couple at the end of this that I read regularly, but others are already floating around my brain in pieces. I should have pinned them down at the time of reading but page closed, thoughts swirling…

This one spoke to me for other reasons.. . Nicole from ThirdEyeMom shares some photos of mothers she’s seen around the world while travelling, working for a better world for all.. I looked at those photos and thought of my son, his travels.

My son has been to remote and difficult places.

Seen things I probably can’t imagine. Survived risky adventures.  And I miss him. Silence can be the loudest thing. I had hoped, when he first left home and I was aware of his very first destination, that he’d see things and meet people that would bring him back to me. He has an enormously good heart and has done hands on charity work in the hardest places – I thought something would spark compassion for his own mother. Understanding.  Love?

Needs more time.

I’ll keep reaching out – gently and hopeful. My love is with him wherever he is, I can get to remote and difficult places given the chance 🙂



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and here’s the Ruth Cracknell, Gary McDonald version!


Om Mani Padme Hum 



24 thoughts on “mother and son (no, not the ruth cracknell, gary mcdonald version!)

  1. Happy Mother’s Day anyway! 😛

  2. we are are a low-fuss family … but i do like it when one of the sons remembers to phone … 🙂

  3. victoriaaphotography

    ‘Mother & Son’ is priceless in terms of comedy. Wish they’d bring it back on TV.

    I’m afraid Mother’s Day doesn’t have much significance for me (being single and not having exactly the best relationship with my own Mother before she passed away last year at 88).

    I wished I’d had a Mother that was there for me (instead of her going out to work at night to earn money to buy supposed ‘stuff’ we could have really done without as teenagers).

  4. I admire your honesty and approach to Mother’s Day. You have inspired to think of an alternative, perhaps a celebration of mother Earth?

  5. When my mother died, one of the first thoughts I had was “Thank Gawd, we weren’t fighting.” She hated it when I got mad but it didn’t stop her from doing the things she did, which were not terrible things but silly things that made me worry about her.
    There is not enough logic in the complexities of parental relationships.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me of my mom’s in this way–one of my sisters married a man who worked hard to separate her from her family–perhaps he was threatened by her strong attachments. Mom said she wouldn’t let anyone or anything come between her and her children. Like yours, her love for her children was constant, and patient. When they moved far away, Mom used to light the big candle my sister had made for her. It took several years before my sister left her controlling husband, and when she came home, there was my mother, still loving her, like my sister had never been away.

    Thanks so much for your visit, and the pingback.

  7. So good that you keep hoping, and sending out the love. One day your boy will see this and decide to wrap himself in it again. Until then, from one mother to another… hug. xo

  8. I have two boys who have traveled to remote and difficult places. My youngest worked in a refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border as part of his uni degree and the oldest got lost in Columbia a few years back. They’re both back in Aus now and they’ve learned a great deal about life. Because they’re grown up and don’t live with me anymore I really enjoy that they call me every week and not just on that one day of the year 😀

  9. Thanks so much for the mention! Glad you enjoyed! I’m off to India in a few days to work and report on maternal health and look forward to meeting a whole new group of mothers.

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