what’s your vision?





Rarasaur gives us this challenge weekly – click on the title above and it’ll take you to her blog where you can read all about it.  I love this idea and haven’t joined in often enough (apologies Rara!) either due to time, or imagination..

This week the prompt is about vision boards. I wish I had time to make one and share it. I think they’re so much fun, so pretty, and positive. However it’s that time again friends. Next three days will be full on in the office. Sunday off, Monday in. Tuesday and Wednesday work from home then round we go again.

Lately I’m tending to post in a heap a couple of days a week, and desperately read those I follow, leave likes and comments, and respond to comments on my blog.  The three full on office days I don’t come up for air for anyone! At this point I should be grateful for never being freshly pressed – goodness knows how I’d cope ;-).

The next month of work is frantic. Hectic. Full on. You get the idea. So no vision board for me.

I have made two in my life though – during workshops and when I least expected it. In fact the first time it came up my gaze was sliding down my nose in a ‘I’m an adult what on earth are you suggesting’ mode. Self consciously I joined in only because it was easier not to stand out from the crowd. The second time you’d have had to elbow me away from the stack of magazines on offer as I glued my dreams all over white cardboard. Thank you Sue; thank you very much Megan.

Where are those visions now? I don’t know. I remember both were similar of course and I can tell you now there would be Australian bush, lots of trees, some native birds.  A farm scene with alpacas and chooks. Other animals. A beach somewhere.. Something around growing your own fruit and veg. An image of the Buddha or an altar if possible, a temple maybe. Probably candles, bubble bath, massage.. Maybe something about travel – Italy, India/Nepal, Ireland – eat, pray, ancestry!

All fairly simple ? 🙂

Et tu? What’s on your vision board?


22 thoughts on “what’s your vision?

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Sounds like your vision board is a replica of mine.

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  3. Love the “eat, pray, ancestry.” Mine would take me to Bali, Tibet, Japan–Surf, Pray, Ancestry/Eat. {{{hugs]}} Kozo

  4. “Eat, pray, ancestry” is beautiful! And sounds pretty fun, too! 😀

  5. I used to have a vision board years ago that sat next to my computer. It was of my dream house at the beach, but now I’ve got the RUC and my vision board is through my window! Having a vision board is a brilliant idea 😀

  6. I actually have a blank vision board. It stares at me ferociously 🙂

  7. Don’t forget Dolly. 😉

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  10. […] Bodhisattva In Training – What’s Your Vision […]

  11. […] Bodhisattva In Training – What’s Your Vision […]

  12. […] Bodhisattva In Training – What’s Your Vision […]

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