live and learn




Confession eased my guilty conscience.

No one else owned up, and so the headmistress’s ‘I know who did this’ was all froth and bubble.

I was the only one punished.




30 thoughts on “live and learn

  1. love the froth and bubble…

  2. I’m with Batet… The froth and bubble is great!

  3. Sometimes taking one for the team ends up hurting us in the short-term and pays off in the long-term!

  4. “froth and bubble” is too good a description. The truth is so rare yet so many don’t how to take it when we get it.

  5. what is it about a headmistress (or mother superior) that beats the confession right out of us with a look? good take on the prompt

  6. Well, it would’ve been nice if someone else stepped up to ease their conscience. I thought the ‘froth and bubble’ was good, too.

  7. Add me to the list of admirers on the ‘froth and bubble’. Captures the tone of the piece completely :))

  8. i imagine you have been a good soul from the moment your heart first beat

  9. I love the froth. Great piece!

  10. Never confess— a golden rule

  11. I’m sure this happen more than we think. Well done. (RogRites)

  12. Don’t you hate it when that happens? 😉

    Very nicely done, Annie.

  13. Very nice. Toil and trouble? 😉

  14. Beautifully written for a horrible situation. Only you would be so brave, Annie….

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