which journey interests you?


Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. This WordPress Daily Prompt landed in my inbox dated May 26 and I’ve been hanging on to it, waiting til I had the time to write a post.

The time has passed that I could write it as a daily prompt reply and I’m not having time, any time soon, to salivate over the topic. To sit and reflect. To let the words spill out on to the screen. My journey’s pace is not slowing for the sharing. Because telling you about a journey, my journey…well that’s THE story isn’t it?

The story of my life? So many lifetimes lived in this one.

The big kids are moving back in tomorrow and the preparation clean up has ended with four bags of clothes for goodwill; countless bags of trash; and the re-discovery of a gallery of ancestors. These generations that went before, and my own children under my roof, all add to the richness of this journey. It’s not just my story then.

Or, should I tell you about travels…

The first time I left our shores. Japan, alone, barely out of teens. Early years of an ill chosen marriage spent in the South Pacific, and Asia. A wonderful two weeks in America a few years back. A dreamlike two weeks in Italy more recently? The research I’m doing in the hope of some time in Ireland next year. Travels within Australia – roadtrips to look at farms for sale. Beach escapes near Byron and Kiama. Train to Geelong, lots of time in Melbourne.

My spiritual journey?

When the current work rush is done, and I’m on leave, I’ll explore all this more deeply. Slowly. Daughter’s medical appointments permitting of course 😉




ancestor blur




14 thoughts on “which journey interests you?

  1. You’re a good a parent! I would look forward to reading about your travels when time permits!

  2. Different journeys make up the whole tour. Maestro, a little traveling music please.

  3. Something for us all to look forward to!

  4. You’ve had wonderful journeys, Annie. Ireland! What a wonderful dream destination. I’ve never been out of the country except for Canada. I don’t see it in my future either. That’s ok. I’m happy tooling around Ohio on the motorcycle. … Sending good thoughts and well wishes to you and your daughter.

    • Thanks for the good thoughts Maddie 🙂

      Yes I’ve had some adventures that I never expected…but I know you can be happy anywhere – it’s all about inner peace right.

      I’d like to go to Ireland though, just to see and stand where my ancestors were…it may very well not happen but I’m dreaming and researching and planning/hoping.

  5. If “tell us about a journey” landed in my email, I’d instinctively shy away from that Pandora’s box! Brave you for tackling it, even if it was delayed. Such an interesting journey you’ve had. Every life is so interesting for all its unique travels.

    • Ooh I’m intrigued now 🙂

      I agree – everyone has a story to tell..

      I find it fascinating, looking at people I’ll probably never meet, and wondering about their lives…not enough time to read but I think we should all write it ! 😉

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