three days with the 14th Dalai Lama – three days later



The bread maker is actually moving around the benchtop while it spins inside. The orange flash of the council truck casts shadows on the built in bookshelves in the front room. Two workers sit in the cab, in the middle of the road – what are they waiting for?  The little cat, sleeping peacefully next to me on the thick animal blanket (don’t ask) lifts her head as the machine in the kitchen signals a milestone in the process. And the big cat doesn’t budge – snores loudly on the pile of clean washing (sleep apnoea?).

None of us are warm.

I didn’t get dressed today. I’m still processing, and recovering from the days with His Holiness, and the months of lead up to it. What of those who’ve gone on to other cities with him? Pure adrenalin is keeping them going. The flatness at the end of his visit must be immense for those involved with the whole trip. My mood has lifted if I am still physically worn.

I’ve spent much longer in practice these few days and can move on with renewed mental strength. Back to work tomorrow, other upcoming priorities, no looking back.

May he return to us in two years and may I still be in a position to spend time with him. Om mani padme hum.



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