thanks for the smile :-)


What made you smile today?


Up and down the aisles in the mostly abandoned supermarket and suddenly, the tiniest girl ever, in a pink tutu, walking backwards and  saying popcorn repeatedly.

Smiling again just thinking about it. 


24 thoughts on “thanks for the smile :-)

  1. Finding a rabbit sunning itself on a busy road – thankfully uninjured, and it let me move it to to roadside where it scampered off into the wild 🙂

  2. That makes me smile, too. 🙂 Sitting on my deck, writing… with the sun shining. My dogs. My kids.

  3. what a treasure …. popcorn is quite a funny word even by itself 🙂

  4. Cheering students drenched in happiness because we’re going to play Bingo today instead of English class! Their happiness made me smile big time! 😀

  5. Thanks for sharing that gorgeous image, I would have smiled too.

  6. unfetteredbs

    And this made me smile. Thanks ! To be that free again, eh?

  7. Lots of things make me smile. This morning, you did. 🙂

  8. Pink tutu, walking backwards, repeating popcorn puts a priceless picture in my head. Thanks for the smile!

  9. Awww – what an amazing image 😀

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