trifextra : week seventy six



don’t think much 


ha ha ha – you’ll have to go HERE if you want to know what that’s about!




18 thoughts on “trifextra : week seventy six

  1. Not overthinking our premise and just going for it! I agree completely!

  2. It is far too easy to twist ourselves into creative knots by over thinking. You are absolutely correct.

  3. This space intentionally left blank. 🙂

  4. haha – reminds me of a song from my (long ago) youth . . . don’t know much about history . . . 🙂

  5. Yeah, just write.

  6. Thinking is definitely overrated. Who has time for that when there are words to write?

    Delightful word choices. Thank you for linking up!

  7. I find that when I try to think out what to write its never as good as when I write from my heart. Great words!

  8. Don’t think twice, anyway!

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