a holiday tale


The sounds of this place are intensely different to the city. And just wonderful. Smiley sounds. With the back doors open you can hear the waves. Who wouldn’t want to live where that’s a constant in your life… and the birds. All day either in this garden or out of sight but near, some bird is calling to another. At times a whole choir is in full and joyful voice. At night possums on the roof. Sounds like fully grown humans having a party up there – makes me smile, sometimes even laugh out loud.



the first visitor


I’ve only been away from the office, from home, for a couple of days but I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to open my work email account ever again.

The peace in this house, on your own, is magical.

What are the scents that distinguish it from my own surroundings? I can tell you what it doesn’t smell of! Cat pee and traffic. Each house has its own smell though doesn’t it. Each family maybe. This house probably mimics my sister’s house. She is here most often and so it’s probably her place til I’ve been here a few days and don’t notice. This time of year burning timber, ash…and for now my yak blanket. Late at night, when I went out to get my laptop charger, I inhaled red wine – since I don’t drink that’s the smell of last weekend’s alcohol lingering.

Sights? Clean lines, mostly white with a little blue. A nautical theme to the furnishings I guess. Someone went a bit overboard – pardon the pun! It’s a little sterile and cold, minimalist. The contrast from the colourful mess of my inner city life is huge. It’s not me but for an escape I like it. If I lived here, if I owned it, I’d mess it up in no time. And beyond the decoration – the great blue sea and sky. Changing colour all day long, always hypnotic. To the side of the house the lights of two neighbours. The positioning of his curtains as he changes his default location during the day. I used to think the old man next door had tourettes. At random times of the day you can hear him yelling obscenities on his deck. He doesn’t like brush turkeys in his yard, that’s all.


horizonNew Zealand is out there somewhere


Leave the house for a while to smell and see the great Australian bush – a colonial painting. Let my camera be my brush.


eucalyptsmajestic eucalyptus


The feel is comfort. No expense was spared in the blue and white world. The couch was custom made and is sink-into-able. The beds and doonas are a big hug. The feel is relaxed. Shoulders down, breathing slowed, calm…no rush, nothing to do, no worries.

The taste is whatever I want. Grilled mushrooms. Pikelets. Soup with zucchini, shallots and glass noodles. Lots of garlic. Fresh chilli. And twice a day some weird cinnamon and honey drink that supposedly aids in weight loss. We’ll see. I know – eat less walk more aids in weight loss…but we’ll see.

There’s another sound I love here and that’s the sound of no one talking. Silence 🙂

A young man delivered and stacked some timber for the fire today. We talked and for my only conversation in three days it was a strange one. He told me he believes he has cancer. He’s having tests this coming week. Couldn’t have them last week because his son was staying with him and he wants to hide it from him. I said I hope he has some support, are his parents near? ‘I lost my mother three weeks ago’ ‘I’m sorry to hear that, you must be under a lot of stress’ ‘My parents never treated me well, her death hasn’t caused me any extra stress’. I really hadn’t expected anything beyond hi, how are you, thanks for delivering the wood.




20 thoughts on “a holiday tale

  1. This is so beautiful!You are a wonderful writer. I could see your living room and the sinkable sofa!! Poor delivery guy. Wow. A little perspective in yer day huh? It sounds like you are in a beautiful place. Enjoy!!

  2. Sounds wonderful Annie. Makes me homesick. Love your first visitor, and the possums 🙂

    • There’s a group of kookaburras in the tree next to the deck right now. Teasing me with their laughter – everytime they start I rush to record the sound and when I’m ready they stop 🙂 part of the joke maybe!

  3. It sounds like heaven on earth 🙂

  4. sounds beautiful there. I guess you guys are heading into winter. Very strange conversation with the firewood delivery guy. My heart goes out to him.

  5. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Sounds wonderful. I love waking up to the sound of birds and the wind in the trees. Your holiday house sounds just perfect and what a treat to get a kookaburra joining you for the morning.

    Can you hear the sounds of the ocean from the house?

    • Yes Vicki with the back doors open you can see and hear the ocean…if I owned it I would live here 🙂

      It’s a relative’s house and I’m lucky to get some time here…will try to book another mini escape in when I get home.

  6. I was here earlier, Annie, and loved this post… but there was a lot going on at my studio at that time, and I felt I couldn’t write. So now I’ve come back, and it’s a pleasure. The way you describe your vacation, I really sense the taste and the smell of it… and when you mention silence, I can’t help wondering if maybe there isn’t the sound of the sea coming through. In any case I love eucalyptus, and we have them here too. So glad you’re enjoying this time.

    • I know you love eucalyptus Shimon and this area is full of them – so beautiful.
      Yes, when the back doors are open you can hear the sea..and of course birds all day at any time…but I think the silence is the lack of talking and then the quietening of the mind 🙂
      Right now I’m home again for two days (to help daughter with a medical procedure then I’m back to the beach for a few more) and when I woke, I was struck with the lack of birdsong. All day I hear traffic…and hardly ever birds. Interesting contrast.

  7. Oh, how beautiful! 😀

  8. silence is golden and I love my own company, but it is rare with two munchkins biting at my heals all day. Thanks for sharing your slice of peace.

  9. Strange how a conversation can turn so open so fast. Lots of stuff piles up in people, pushing at the door, looking for the best chance to come tumbling out. You were there for him. Nice.

    Take a look around in the quiet. You’re in there.

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