I’m going to Ireland – suggestions welcome :-)


Starting to do some research around a trip to Northern Ireland next year.

I want to go stand where my ancestors stood, breathe the air.

I’ve got the bones of a family tree that a few cousins worked on. Something happened to the records in Ireland around the time that my father’s family left, so dates, names and info beyond a couple of generations back is scarce, and unverified. I do have some clues though.

I know which town we came from and I have the original spelling of our name. Those that left couldn’t spell, or read and write? Somehow the name changed – twice in fact. Descendants in America and Canada have yet another surname!

Today’s research led me to the page of a guy with a variation of the surname. I think he’s American but I’m not sure. There’s a photo of a road sign – a road I read about a couple of weeks ago. And a comment from a guy with our surname, spelt another way. All hail facebook for a few minutes.

I feel as though we’re getting warmer, I’m on the track, it’s exciting! Now I just have to hope they see, and respond to this stranger’s messages…

Is it too much to hope for an address, a site. Surely the house is gone but to stand where they lived…where at some point they stood. I know the connection is with me wherever I am but I just want that.

For years I’ve been thinking about it, and vaguely saying ‘I want to go to Ireland but I can’t for a couple of years’. A couple of years is UP. I’m going next year and I set aside some of this break from work to plan timing and itinerary. The bones of it anyway.




26 thoughts on “I’m going to Ireland – suggestions welcome :-)

  1. One word: Guinness. It’s an entirely different animal in the homeland. (my homeland too).

  2. I traced my ancestors back to Limerick and yes, they were a bunch of crazy irishmen (and women!) 🙂 Ireland would be amazing to travel to, and I’m sure you’d feel a sense of ‘home’ by going there.

  3. Dublin is one of the funkiest cities I know, art, literature and yes guinness. How exciting for you to have a travel goal. Keep us posted.

  4. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    How exciting for you. Keep us posted with the plans. I have a couple of photographers who comment on my blog from Ireland and all their photos look just wonderful.

    Nice to see where your ancestors came from.

    Names change a lot over the years/centuries and that’s why it took my Mother 30 years to trace the family tree back to the Doomsday Book. All that work checking & re-checking the different branches and variations of names. Thank goodness my family name is not ‘smith’

  5. I’ve never been to Ireland but have always wanted to go. Have a great trip.

  6. Wonderful plan!

  7. i went to ireland to trace my convict ancestor … found his place of origin as closely as i could, but no records remain .. even so it was marvellous to be there in the sumptuous green fields … it looked like home in one sense … so i am sure your trip will be rewarding! i have not been to northern ireland at all, but i love the south, especially the west coast, dingle, galway, etc …

  8. You’re doin’ it! 🙂

  9. I have had some success using Genes Reunited website which is hosted in the UK

  10. How incredibly exciting!!!! 😀

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