a mid-week, winter night’s chat


It’s cold, I’m perennially tired and I could have used any number of other excuses to stay home on the couch but I’m so glad I went to the Ultimo Library tonight.

Walter Mason has had a conversation every month this year – each with an interesting author. This month was the first time I was able to go and he was chatting with Rosamund Burton (‘Castles, Follies and Four Leaf Clovers’) about her pilgrimage through Ireland in particular, but about our pilgrimages through life in general.

I’m hoping to go to Ireland next year and I knew I wanted to read Rosamund’s book before my trip so I now have my own signed copy.

Rosamund had great stories to share, is engaging and fun to listen to. Walter is good at this, very relaxed and it is a conversation between friends however he also threw in a few curly questions – she came up with answers but was clearly thrown a bit at times which shows none of it’s rehearsed.

I’m a big fan of Walter Mason – have been since I first read his book ‘Destination Saigon’. It’s no secret to all who know me. I’ve been heard to say, whenever his name is mentioned, ‘I love Walter Mason’. In fact last week he came up in conversation at work, I said it on cue, and the reply from co-workers was a chorus ‘we know!’.

And I loved tonight. Thank you Walter for organising and facilitating these free talks – what a gem.





2 thoughts on “a mid-week, winter night’s chat

  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to hang out and be inspired.

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