welcome to my world – urban


Haiku Heights #268 – Urban


tiny silence grab

surprise me stilled jackhammer

spoke too soon    .    it’s on





20 thoughts on “welcome to my world – urban

  1. There is this stunning surprise here…nice haiku..

    Mine is here:


  2. Heh, I know the feeling, save rather than a jackhammer it was dogs and their owners screaming at the dogs. Lovely morning. 😀

  3. Silence broken – this is a great haiku 😀

  4. This week it’s nothing but the sound of waves and my grandsons’ conversation.

  5. The noise of the city…the rumble of traffic beat a jack hammer…nice haiku

  6. himanirawatnayal

    Clever writing…

  7. Annoying but made me giggle.

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