go down to the water’s edge


There are fleas in my bed, mucous in my chest, and blank space in my heart.

It’s a little cold but at least that means the fever has gone.

Today I left the house for almost the first time in a week – for a meeting at work. When I came home I coughed, cried and slept; over and over in no particular order.

Feeling sorry for myself. First world problems of course.


virus flattened me

body, soul, down together

this too shall pass, right?


but I’ll still be me 😉


When the sea is at the end of my line of sight…I’m a happier, calmer, no care me 🙂 I’ll be there in a few weeks.  This week’s photo challenge reminds me to either look through my so many photos of water…or shut my eyes and see my sea. Mood shifter.


north arm reserve






18 thoughts on “go down to the water’s edge

  1. Breathe deep and heal my friend.

  2. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, to be loving! And you’re right, everything changes, minute to minute. May you be quickly better but whatever happens may you always be well……

  3. Right! This too shall pass. Be blessed.

  4. Eucalyptus steam, Annie, helps clear the lungs…and the sea soon! xoxoM

  5. Hope you are better soon. 🙂

  6. Be well dearest Annie 🙂

  7. Annie! Why are there fleas in your bed?!?!
    Do you feel better? Beach soon? sorry so late in reading…wait a minute, just had a little freak out because the dates are different on your blog and I thought this was from Feb. 9 🙂

  8. Ahhh … so much wonderful “stuff” here, Annie. Beautiful haiku (you *are* the best), lovely sentiments, gorgeous photography … and you’re planning your trip to Ireland. I read everything to here, but didn’t click through on everything. I feel “connected” with you again. I’ll see you again soon!

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